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May report - Summer is here again!

Summer arrives on Roda GolfSummer is here! And not only is Phase 4 now ready to go, but the golf course is looking fantastic! Click here to read more, see the gallery with 36 pictures and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Phase 4 ready to go!

Welcome to the latest report on web site. Yes it is phase 4 of Roda Golf yet again, but it is looking great! The very good news is that phase 4 is ready! The very first owners are all set to complete their purchases from June 8th. Yes it has been a long wait, but I am certain you will think the wait was worth it - Just have a look at the photos below.

The build quality is excellent, our colleagues arranging snagging services are very pleased with the build quality - and indeed the quality of all finishing.

As previously reported, the rooms are larger than properties on other phases, and there is a lot more light as a result of the extra windows.

The outside and communal areas are now showing early signs of growth, with all grassed areas actually showing a good covering of grass. Phase 4 is the only area with children's swimming and paddling pools. This is a great advantage. The swimming pools have now been cleaned, and are ready for use, and looking beautiful.

Hopefully you can get a good idea of all the space in and around the communal areas from the photos below. It is looking wonderful - a little bit of rain is required (sorry sun worshipers) along with the usual mixture of sunshine we normally get this time of year. These gardens are going to look amazing in maybe 6 - 8 weeks at most.

Beach Club now open and the golf course looking fantastic

We have more good news! The Roda Golf Beach Club is now open and all enquiries regarding the beach club opening times and travel arrangements should be directed to the Roda Golf Rentals dept. or the Roda Golf club house.

We are hoping that with Phase 4 now completed, the Beach Club now in it's second full year of business, the economic recovery starting (yes we know it is going to be slow) and the golf course the busiest in the region - that Roda Golf is going to be well and truly "on the map" for you golf lovers!

The golf course itself is now in the best condition we have known it, and it is looking fantastic. For more information regarding any of the facilities or properties for rent at Roda Golf, please just go to or contact us directly here on

Mini market

Finally we would like to say a big thank you to Paul and Sue Lawrenson who run the mini market on Roda Golf and Beach Resort. They provide a very comprehensive and invaluable service to Roda Golf residents and guests, and you are always guaranteed a very friendly welcome whenever you visit the mini market.

Paul and Sue will be the first ones to say it has been a long, and economically tough, winter, however with Whitsun around the corner, the summer is well and truly here! Please make every effort to visit Paul and Sue at the mini market, and support them when possible. They have an excellent range of essentials like beer, wines, spirits (just kidding) but they do have an excellent range of basic provisions, also newspapers and magazines, frozen foods, fresh bread and pastries, ice creams and ice lollies, as mentioned beers, wines and spirits as well as beach goods for the kids. they even have an excellent book lending service and toys and games as well.

You can also stop here mid-way during your round of golf and collect cold drinks and beers as well as fresh baguettes and snacks.

Please see the photos of Paul and Sue as well as the comprehensively stocked mini market below, the mini market at Roda Golf is open daily from 9.00am to 8.00pm, should you have any special requirements, you can e-mail Paul and Sue on or telephone Paul on +34 620 65 08 09 and Sue on +34 618 56 99 99.

Properties available now!

We have properties available for holiday let and long term let, please see our full range of properties at or simply e-mail us here.

Should anybody need any help with their Mortgage Requirements or help with Furniture Packs, Property Management and Rentals, please just drop us an e-mail here or contact Stuart Thomas directly on +34 680 842895, Look forward to hearing from you and we will be back in a month, hopefully with some views from phase 4 purchasers.

WARNING!! Please use plenty of sun cream for the first few days of your holidays, the temperature has now hit 30 degrees and getting warmer, factor 20 or above for the first few days, c'mon folks take care of yourselves!!

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!

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January update and news from Phase 4

Roda Golf Pahase 4So here we are already in 2010! Time flies! This month we have a report about Phase 4, including a little gallery, and we offer some general advice for those people waiting for their home to be completed here on Roda golf. Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Happy New Year to everybody and apologies once again for delayed update. It has been a very hectic Christmas holiday and start to the new year, I can't believe we are almost in to February!

Anyway, I must start off by saying what a fantastic New Years Eve party we had at the Roda Golf clubhouse, a big thank you to Graham Sanders for organising our particular group of about twenty-five people. We all had a wonderful evening as well as the obligatory headache the next day.

A special thank you to all the staff at Collados at the Roda Clubhouse. There has been some negative comments regarding the service and indeed the unfriendly attitude of the staff in recent months, some of it deserved, however they all made a superb effort and were very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. A wonderful evening was had by all, and I strongly recommend you try to attend next year if possible - my wife and I will certainly be there.

Anyway, on to the Roda Golf update. We have been getting lots of enquiries regarding the progress on Phase 4, obviously there are many concerned owners awaiting completion of their property which is already well overdue, possibly 12-18 months late already.

There has not been much progress on the construction on Phase 4 for some months. However there is small crew working there at present (29th January). They are mainly roofers putting the roofs on the "Brisa" style apartments. The cranes are working away, lifting materials to the workers up on the roof. I have also spotted electricians and plumbers working intermittently.

There is no doubt work is very slow. However reports that there is no work of any kind happening at present is incorrect. There are about eight workers on-site at present and they seem to be working all week, but I must stress that work does seem to be progressing rather slowly.

There are photographs here to go with the update. These show definite improvements on the previous Phase 4 photos in September, but still some way to go.

A number of our regular visitors are asking questions of a legal nature, and I can only say that you must speak to your lawyer or legal expert for contractual advice, as we are simply not qualified to advise. If I can be of any assistance to anybody who has purchased on Phase 4 and is uncertain of what is happening, or are simply not receiving any information, please feel free to contact me anytime. Please contact me - Stuart Thomas anytime on (00 34) 680 842 895 and I will be happy to take your call and help if possible.

Some other news - The golf course is still in excellent condition. Resident golfers Danny Reilly and Graham Sanders provide me with regular updates on the course condition and everything looks great. The weather is much better now, and the golf course has been packed for the last three days so that is excellent news! The golf clubhouse has also been very busy, and helping to create a great atmosphere for all.

A very important meeting for owners has just taken place at the offices of the Housing Association. As soon as we have any news of the outcome we will do our best to update you. For anybody wanting news now, I would suggest you contact your community committee or the Housing Association and ask for Marisol.

There are a number of enquiries starting to come in from people looking to purchase property at Roda Golf which is excellent news. It is still very much a buyers market, but it looks like things are starting to turn around at last.We do have a fantastic selection of resale properties available and we are able to provide full mortgage services for anybody looking to buy property at Roda Golf, please visit our web site at My web guys tell me that this link will show you just our Roda property- Roda Golf property for sale

In my opinion there has never been a better time to purchase property in the Murcia region, and as the number one agent for Roda Golf, we do have the very best selection of properties available at Roda Golf and it would be our pleasure to help you with your property purchase requirements at Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

We also have some fantastic properties available direct from the developer with superb and exclusive benefits.

We also have the largest selection of rental properties available at so please come and visit and book your summer holiday now!

Once again Happy New Year to everybody, let's hope for an excellent 2010 at the fabulous Roda Golf and Beach Resort, I look forward to seeing you there soon!

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September report - Work progressing apace on Phase 4!

It's been a busy Summer here at Roda Golf and Beach Resort in Murcia, and with rental properties full, and Phase 4 construction continuing apace there's much to be excited about! Click here to see the pictures, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to the September/October update for Roda Golf, it has been a little while since our last update because we have had a very busy summer. It has been a record summer for rentals at Roda Golf with more and more people searching the internet specifically for "Roda Golf", so it really has been very hectic.

The new team at Universal Hospitality (please visit are well and truly in to their stride looking after all property management and rentals requirements at Roda Golf, with Gillian and Andrew on site 24/7 looking after all properties and guests needs... they are going from strength to strength.

Should anybody be interested in our property management and rentals services, please contact us at or contact Gavin Jones directly at or you can still contact us by visiting

Phase 4 at Roda Golf is really starting to show considerable progress and even though it has been a long wait, we think that May 2010 everything will be completed on the first part of phase 4 (Phase 4A)

There have been some additional blocks built. There are now many men working on every block currently constructed and a lot of the block work or brick work has now been completed, most of the internal plumbing work has been completed and the underground car parks have been completed.

We have some photos from about two weeks ago, but there has been huge progress since then so we will provide more photos and a brief update in a couple of weeks.

With all of the infrastructure all ready in place and phase 3 already completed and looking fantastic, phase 4 once completed is going to look superb and as we keep saying, we feel that phase 4 is going to be very exclusive with fewer properties here than on any other part of the resort and with phase 4 being the only location for the new "Brisa" style apartments, it is all getting very exciting.

The sports facilities have proved very popular this summer but it has been very hot that it was only really sensible to use these excellent facilities in the morning or late afternoon.

Finally, we are able to offer a long term rental proposition to our clients, so if anybody is interested in letting their property long term or anybody on phase 4 requires help or assistance with the completion of their property including all mortgage requirements, property management and rentals services or even help with furnishing your property, please contact us on 0034 680 842895 or visit our web site at

Click here for a FULL SCREEN slideshow!

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Phase 4 - Villas handing over/apartments commencing!

Not only are the Phase 4 villas being handed over to owners right now, but serious work is being carried out on the Phase 4 apartments here at Roda Golf! Plus a mini market has opened it's doors for trade. We have two small galleries showing the current views of the villas and apartments. Click here to see the galleries, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to this very exciting news update. We are very happy to be able to announce that work has finally started on the phase 4 apartments. All of the phase 4 villa's are now completed and are currently in the process of being handed over to the owners. We are showing two galleries below. The first shows the work being carried out - as we speak - on the apartments, whilst the other shows the completed gardens at the "back" of the Phase 4 villas, and some views of the course on and around the 15th fairway.

With regards to the phase 4 apartments, the technical staff have been working feverishly all week marking out the plots and directing the heavy plant. Most of the work that is currently being done is earth moving and extending the existing footings and locations for the foundations. Whilst we were photographing the site, we saw surveyors taking measurements and all together a large amount of activity.

You will see from the photos attached that there are some diggers and lorries on site, these are paving the way for the cranes and the full work force, all of the area for phase 4 has been prepared and actual construction work is obviously imminent, I think you will all agree this is excellent news.

The other piece of fantastic news is that there is now a new shop open at Roda Golf, the new mini market is located next to the Roda Golf sales office where the old bar and restaurant was located, you can now get your daily newspapers, plenty of beers and wines as well as fresh bread, milk, all your usual groceries, chocolates and walkers crisps, as well as good range of necessities and toiletries.

We will have course keep on top of the situation and as soon as any other developments take place in the area, you will be the first to know!

All comments and enquiries are very welcome for this and any other news item.


Gallery 1 - The Phase 4 apartments


Gallery 2 - The Phase 4 villas and the 15th fairway!

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Great news from Roda Golf - Especially for Phase 4 owners!

Phase 4 construction surging aheadOur belated first report of the year is good news all around, especially for owners on Roda Golf's Phase 4! Our full gallery of more than 50 images covers the whole of the Phase 4 villas which are looking stunning! Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Hello everybody, I know it is a little late seeing as January is pretty much gone but, Happy New Year and let's all hope for a healthy and prosperous 2009, even though the press are doing their very best to dampen everybody's spirits, we have some excellent news for all you Roda Golf owners out there.

Firstly we are delighted to report that the Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Roda Golf clubhouse were a huge success, particularly the New Year party. The staff as always were superb, the food and drinks were very good, the disco and all the dancing was very entertaining, and we can report a number of headaches on New Years day.

The Roda Golf course has been very busy over the whole holiday period with tourists and local golfers enjoying the superb golf course and facilities that Roda Golf has to offer. So many people were commenting on the fact that this is the best golf course in the area - we should all be pretty excited about that! Roda Golf is well and truly "on the map". Roda Golf is the best resort in the Murcia region and it is responsible for attracting people to the stunning Costa Calida.

As a result of all the visitors to the resort, property enquiries in the sales office and through our main sponsor Calida International Properties have been very good, surprisingly so which is another very encouraging sign despite these bleak economic times, we always say, "the cream will always float to the top" and Roda Golf is the best around.

Now we hear you saying, "what about the commercial centre? what about phase 4? what about the hotel?" OK, calm down, now for the real good news:

Work on the commercial centre will begin very soon, February looks like the month when it will all begin, a number of businesses are already contracted to run bars, restaurants and other businesses and the real good news is that there will be a mini supermarket located next to the sales office in the old temporary clubhouse, that is being renovated right now and hopefully it will be available very soon.

The car park is being extended. There are a few tractors and lorries working at present, this is as a result of feedback from owners and visitors to Roda Golf about the walk from the car park to the clubhouse, that will be much shorter very soon, and it will tidy up a large part of the"unfinished area that is fenced off and this will "tie in" nicely with the work about to commence on the commercial area and sports facilities.

Phase 4 at Roda has been quite an emotive subject, well even more good news is that work is about to commence as early as next week, the construction company is moving on site to commence work on phase 4 A right now, the apartments will join up with phase 3 all the way down to the 2nd entrance, these apartments are scheduled for completion in the first part of 2010, we recognise that this is later than initially estimated but these things happen, no point looking back, phase 4 is well and truly on the way.

Of the phase 4 front line golf villa's, they are all but completed and they look wonderful, great views and with the additional benefit of having solar panels for the water, so great for keeping costs down and excellent for the environment. We made the villas the subject of this months full gallery! Our photographer took pictures right the way along the front and then back along the rear of the properties, which were absolutely beautiful, especially the ones with gardens already bedding in. You can see all this in the pictures below and on Flickr. You can see over the road where construction on the apartments is about to start. We are going back with our photographer very shortly to take pictures of the apartment construction, and we will be following this, on your behalf, very closely.

Phase 4, with the new style of apartments (the "Brisa" and "Cantil") looks like being very exclusive, the lowest density of properties on the Roda Golf resort and with the duplex "Brisa Style" apartments we feel there is going to be a high demand for properties in this area.

Roda Golf still have some beautiful properties available on phase 4 (not too many) and our sponsors Calida International Properties will be very happy to help anybody wishing to enquire about purchasing property on phase 4, they have also asked us to mention that they have some of the best resale properties currently available on the Roda Golf resort with some amazing offers. It's thanks to their generosity that we can follow developments for you so closely, we encourage our readers to check their Roda resales with this link: Roda Golf resale properties.

Finally the hotel - this has been reported by Calidona that the hotel will not be started until the end of 2009 at the earliest. Let's be realistic, this is not the time to spend millions of euros on a project this size when the world economies are in such a turmoil. The exchange rate is terrible which will inevitably affect tourism, so we agree it is the right decision to hold off for the time being, at least until the global financial situation improves, as soon as we hear any different we will report as always, please remember a very wise person once said "this too shall pass" things will get better!

Well we hope you like these latest photos and this first update of 2009, once again we would like to wish everybody a very happy New Year and a very, very healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2009, please feel free to leave your comments on this or any other article on this web site, only positive comments please, go to everybody's favourite "moan" site to leave the negative stuff, please remember we are here to help you and provide as much information as possible.

Please also see the information web site on Corvera Golf and Country Club, the sister resort for Roda Golf, go to for all the latest news!

Phase 3b and a general report for August 2008

In our August 2008 report we give the news and views on the state of Roda Golf right now. Including an in-depth look at the newly opened Phase 3b, and the reason that owners in this area are going to very happy! Plus we have a full gallery of Phase 3b pictures. Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to the August update for Roda Golf and Beach Resort, apologies for the delay, however we have been very busy over the summer, literally thousands of people (owners and visitors) have been coming to Roda Golf to enjoy the fine weather. The vast majority have been having an absolutely fantastic time, we have been swamped with the amount of people requesting pictures of their own part of the resort and their individual properties, our main sponsors Calida International Properties have been busy showing lots of potential buyers around the resort and lot's of people have been completing on their new property on phase 3a - and now we are all set for the completions on phase 3b to begin!

September and October are also going to be very busy months for Roda Golf with hundreds of people completing on their properties on phase 3b - yes there has been considerable delays, but we believe it has all been worth waiting for. We have noted some negative comments on various web forums regarding Roda Golf and the beach club (we all know which forum) however in our humble opinion, the beach club is fantastic. Yes there is still a small amount of work to be done, very minor and mainly cosmetic, however what a fantastic facility and a great day out, we love it!!

As for Roda Golf generally, this is definitely a case of "you cannot please all the people all of the time" we wanted a golf clubhouse, and we now have the best clubhouse in Spain; We wanted the beach club, it is ready, up and running. The restaurant service could be better, but great food and great location, the golf course is already recognised as one of the best in the region; Rentals are up on last year, the facilities definitely show an improvement on last year. We have the PGA golf academy with it's excellent golf pro-shop and facilities now available. People wanted cheaper golf for the occasional golfer, Roda introduced the "twilight game" 36 euros for 18 holes, a small beer and a tapa (Spanish snack). This represents the best value for money anywhere for this standard of golf course!

...On to phase 3b, we had a comprehensive walk around phase 3b, we also took lot's of pictures, as we always do, and we certainly hope you enjoy this latest batch of photo's. We are very pleased with the progress, the apartments all have great views, most have views of the golf course. The penthouse apartments all have the concrete stairs, a fantastic feature, and whilst it has taken a small amount of usable space from the terrace, the ease of access to the rooftop solarium is adequate compensation and all very private.

Excellent communal garden areas with wonderful swimming pools of various shapes and sizes. These are low density communities with lot's of olive trees - a new addition to Roda in these quantities, very nice walkways, and a number of apartments and townhouse which are actually "front line" to the golf course.

The gardens still have to mature and "green up" however this will happen in weeks not months, just as we have seen on the earlier phases. The builders really are putting the finishing touches to all outside areas, cleaning up paths, all children's play areas are completed and looking great. When the fences come down from the "front line" golf villa's phase 3b is going to be just stunning.

For all of you about to complete on your properties on phase 3b, many congratulations, we think you are going to be delighted.

Our main sponsors at Calida International Properties would like to remind you that should any of you require any help completing on your property on any of the phases at Roda Golf, they are very happy to help with things like mortgages, snagging's, furnishing your property or property management and ongoing rentals services, please visit for further information.

As always, please remember that these pictures can be viewed in the original (huge) sixes over at Flickr - Here's the link!

Roda Beach Club - July 2008 - Part 2!

Gallery and two movies! We can't keep away from the Roda Golf Beach Club! With the weather as perfect as it has been lately, we found an excuse for another visit, and this time we took our photographer. We also shot a couple of little videos for you. Although we freely admit we are not video experts, we think that the videos give a really insight into what it is actually like in and around the beach club, so for that reason we include them for you. Click here to see the gallery, watch both videos and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

We can't keep away from the Roda Golf Beach Club in La Manga! With the weather as perfect as it has been lately, we found an excuse for another visit, and this time we took our photographer. We also shot a couple of little videos for you. Although we freely admit we are not video experts, we think that the videos give a really insight into what it is actually like in and around the beach club, so for that reason we include them for you.

We visited the club on a Monday, so it was pretty quiet, although some people were in evidence around the pool. We also saw a few people covered in mud on the beach. the local mud is said to have therapeutic properties

The staff were extremely helpful. The young lady in reception took the time to explain a little of the history of the club, and how the unusual building had originally been constructed for a top minister in Franco's government. She also took the time to translate the restaurant menu into English (we'll publish it soon) and showed us around the entire complex

On the ground floor you will find the main entrance, and walking through to the beach side you pass the bathrooms and the elegant and modern spiral staircase to the first floor. As you leave the reception area you emerge between the bar (on your left) and the restaurant to your right. Both areas are fabulously modern and clean. The shining white floor emphasising the white table linen. The glass doors which encompass the entire area where retracted, and a light breeze flowed through the entire club. We haven't visited during the evening yet, but it must be an extremely attractive and romantic place to take dinner.

As one leaves the rear of the beach club through the vast sliding glass doors the beach is of course directly in front, and the sea just a few meters away. there are stylish loungers arranged on the beach. Walking around to the left we find the pool area just next to the outdoor bar seating. The outdoor bar tables had bar menus, and the snacks and drinks seemed reasonably priced (there are pictures of the menu in the gallery and full size (very readable) on our Flickr page here). The pool area is splendid, and has ample loungers. We hear from Roda that entrance numbers are strictly limited, so we are sure the pool shouldn't get overcrowded

Heading back inside, we crossed the bar and restaurant area and headed up the spiral stairs to the first floor. What a stylish area! there are six stunning day beds arranged in the central area, affording magnificent views out over the Mediterranean. Whilst to the the left is a table and chairs. Around the corner to the right is a small alcove with a sofa and chairs. We noticed a dumb waiter here to, ready to send up a couple of cocktails before dinner we imagine! The whole upstairs area, is surrounded by glass, and many doors lead outside onto the veranda. Walking around afforded more lovely views of the sea, and across the pool area.

All in all the Roda Golf Beach Club is a modern and attractive place to be. Whether for a swim and mud bath, or as an evening detination for a romantic dinner. Do yourself a favour and check it out for yourselves!

Roda Golf Beach Club - July 2008 - PartII

A "walkthrough" of the Roda Beach Club...

Roda Golf Beach Club Now Open

We have just returned from our first visit to the Roda Golf Beach Club since its official opening on July 10th. All we can say is "wow!" It is everything we were hoping for and more. A number of you have already visited the this newest luxury club in Spain, and so far all the comments have been very positive.Please click here to see the gallery of more than 40 pictures, and our report! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

We have just returned from our first visit to the Roda Golf Beach Club since its official opening on July 10th. All we can say is "wow!" It is everything we were hoping for and more. A number of you have already visited the this newest luxury club in Spain, and so far all the comments have been very positive.

We were very impressed by the decor and the general feel of the place. Whilst there are still a few minor "snags" to be resolved, the place looks and feels fantastic, the views from the upstairs relaxation area are quite spectacular. It is just such a great place to relax away from the swimming pool and bar area and just enjoy a quiet, intimate cocktail, whilst looking over the Mediterranean sea.

The swimming pool is quite lovely, and there is plenty of space to relax and chill out all around the beach club. There are great grassed areas, sun beds in abundance around the pool, there are dozens of sun beds on the beach itself, and well equipped terraces both inside and out, all with breath taking views over the Med!

The restaurant is very spacious and beautifully finished, there are lot's of staff in attendance, so good service should be assured, but even if it is a bit slow, just relax and enjoy the views!

The restaurant and bar caters for both snacks and a-la-carte dining, so you will be spoiled for choice.

This is a wonderful facility with something for everybody. Please remember to protect yourselves from the sun, particularly at the beach club, because there is a regular breeze which can make you think it is not so hot, so be careful.

Always remember to shower when entering the pool after being on the beach and in the sea, the sun tan oils will ruin the pool. There are also foot showers available to remove all sand.

It's been a long wait, but we really believe it has been worth it - the place get's a big "thumbs up" from all of us at Roda Golf Info, we hope you enjoy the latest pictures of the beach club and please feel free to leave any comments, all positive of course.

Well done Calidona and Roda Golf!

Please remember that, as always, these images are also available at "original" (very big!) sizes on our Flickr page here: and we would also like to remind our visitors, that our services are made possible by the kind support of Calida International Properties. Thank you.

FULL REPORT and gallery - The Roda Beach Club - June 2008

Here we are in June already! The sun is shining, and the builders are really cracking on over at the Roda Golf and Beach Resort Beach Club! We were there three days ago with our photographer! You will not believe the changes! Click here to see just how far the Beach Club has come! See the gallery and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

We are very excited to provide you all with the very latest and up-to-date pictures of the Roda Golf beach club which is set to open in July.

The amount of work that has been undertaken since our last visit is just incredible, we at Roda Golf Info did not believe they would be ready by July, however the place has undergone a complete transformation.

All the beaches are now immaculate, there was even a beach sweeper cleaning the beach as we were there. Most of the gardens are now in place and they were busy planting all the various shrubs and plants during our visit. The swimming pool was looking fantastic and was being filled before our eyes.

The style and quality of the building itself was absolutely phenomenal, the various bars are now ready with beer pumps in place (excellent news!) the open plan kitchens, in a similar style to the kitchen at the Roda Golf clubhouse have also been installed. Most of the terraces and walkways throughout the beach club have now been completed - whilst there is still lots of work to go, the place look just incredible!

The remaining work seems to be mostly just "tidying up", other than that everything seems pretty complete.

They have about fifty sliding glass doors that fold back on to themselves which bring the outside in, or the inside out, not quite sure, but is just an amazing feature. There is so much glass upstairs and downstairs that you get the feeling of being outside even if you are inside, it all looks so light and airy, which of course it is, and the views over the Mediterranean Sea from all parts of the beach club is fantastic.

Yet again Calidona have exceeded all of our expectations, yes we have to wait a little longer for this fantastic facility, but the great news, it is here now and WOW! are you going to enjoy it.

We hope you enjoy these latest pictures and this update, if there is anything we can do for you, or you world like to see on this web site, please just let us know.

FULL REPORT & gallery from our latest visit on 23rd May ‘08!

Here we go again! Sorry we are a little late with the update this month, but the good news is we have more photos than ever of Roda Golf and Beach Resort for you to enjoy. We have EIGHTY high resolution, stunning pictures, showing all the phases, and all the latest developments at Roda Golf. Click here to read the full article, see the incredible gallery and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Here we go again! Sorry we are a little late with the update this month, but the good news is we have more photos than ever of Roda Golf and Beach Resort for you to enjoy. We have EIGHTY high resolution, stunning pictures, showing all the phases, and all the latest developments at Roda Golf.

We start the tour in Phase 1, where our photographer couldn't help but focus on the flourishing plants and flowers. Phase one really is "coming alive"! It was a stunning day at the end of May, and with the scent of rosemary in the air and the sun above, it really is an idyllic setting. The water features are blending in nicely now, and help give Phase 1 a totally different atmosphere from the other phases. Phase one is a little more "crowded" than the others perhaps, but it also has a really pleasant atmosphere. We're sure it will prove shady and cool during the hot Summer months. On exiting the housing area we crossed over the road a took few pictures of the commercial area construction site. Trucks were driving in and out. It looks like all the foundations are dug. We are anxious to see them start to build. The De Vere hotel and accompanying buildings are sure to enhance the whole site.

Moving on to Phase 2 we noticed quite a few people around the place. Again, you can't help but feel that the whole of Roda Golf is "coming to life". People were in the pools, and sunbathing. Some were resting on their terraces, or enjoying an early beer. The course itself was full, but today we were concentrating our photography inside the housing areas.

We came around the upper edge of the development and into Phase 4, an area we know that a lot of our readers take a keen interest. Work was going on and we could see significant changes since our last visit. One photo was from almost the exact same angle as a shot we took three months ago. Our photographer is preparing an "overlay" which we'd like to feature in a few days, showing EXACTLY what has changed on the villas of phase 4! We took multiple pictures of all the building work. And don't forget these pictures are available on our Flickr page as VERY HIGH resolution shots. When viewed at "actual size" one can zoom right into the individual villas. Can you see yours?

We continued round to Phase 3, where the "B" properties were also being completed. Work was going on as we watched.
We also noted many more cars than we've noticed before. Another sign that people are "moving in" in greater and greater numbers.

After all that work we had earned a spot of lunch down at the beach, and we include some photos! It was a superb day, and the beach was full. Beautiful May weather!

We hope you enjoyed the tour, and are taking heart from the construction photos that prove that Roda Golf and Beach Resort is getting there! It's along haul, but it is going to be worth it :)