Phase 3b and a general report for August 2008

Welcome to the August update for Roda Golf and Beach Resort, apologies for the delay, however we have been very busy over the summer, literally thousands of people (owners and visitors) have been coming to Roda Golf to enjoy the fine weather. The vast majority have been having an absolutely fantastic time, we have been swamped with the amount of people requesting pictures of their own part of the resort and their individual properties, our main sponsors Calida International Properties have been busy showing lots of potential buyers around the resort and lot's of people have been completing on their new property on phase 3a - and now we are all set for the completions on phase 3b to begin!

September and October are also going to be very busy months for Roda Golf with hundreds of people completing on their properties on phase 3b - yes there has been considerable delays, but we believe it has all been worth waiting for. We have noted some negative comments on various web forums regarding Roda Golf and the beach club (we all know which forum) however in our humble opinion, the beach club is fantastic. Yes there is still a small amount of work to be done, very minor and mainly cosmetic, however what a fantastic facility and a great day out, we love it!!

As for Roda Golf generally, this is definitely a case of "you cannot please all the people all of the time" we wanted a golf clubhouse, and we now have the best clubhouse in Spain; We wanted the beach club, it is ready, up and running. The restaurant service could be better, but great food and great location, the golf course is already recognised as one of the best in the region; Rentals are up on last year, the facilities definitely show an improvement on last year. We have the PGA golf academy with it's excellent golf pro-shop and facilities now available. People wanted cheaper golf for the occasional golfer, Roda introduced the "twilight game" 36 euros for 18 holes, a small beer and a tapa (Spanish snack). This represents the best value for money anywhere for this standard of golf course!

...On to phase 3b, we had a comprehensive walk around phase 3b, we also took lot's of pictures, as we always do, and we certainly hope you enjoy this latest batch of photo's. We are very pleased with the progress, the apartments all have great views, most have views of the golf course. The penthouse apartments all have the concrete stairs, a fantastic feature, and whilst it has taken a small amount of usable space from the terrace, the ease of access to the rooftop solarium is adequate compensation and all very private.

Excellent communal garden areas with wonderful swimming pools of various shapes and sizes. These are low density communities with lot's of olive trees - a new addition to Roda in these quantities, very nice walkways, and a number of apartments and townhouse which are actually "front line" to the golf course.

The gardens still have to mature and "green up" however this will happen in weeks not months, just as we have seen on the earlier phases. The builders really are putting the finishing touches to all outside areas, cleaning up paths, all children's play areas are completed and looking great. When the fences come down from the "front line" golf villa's phase 3b is going to be just stunning.

For all of you about to complete on your properties on phase 3b, many congratulations, we think you are going to be delighted.

Our main sponsors at Calida International Properties would like to remind you that should any of you require any help completing on your property on any of the phases at Roda Golf, they are very happy to help with things like mortgages, snagging's, furnishing your property or property management and ongoing rentals services, please visit for further information.

As always, please remember that these pictures can be viewed in the original (huge) sixes over at Flickr - Here's the link!

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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