Roda Golf Beach Club Now Open

We have just returned from our first visit to the Roda Golf Beach Club since its official opening on July 10th. All we can say is "wow!" It is everything we were hoping for and more. A number of you have already visited the this newest luxury club in Spain, and so far all the comments have been very positive.

We were very impressed by the decor and the general feel of the place. Whilst there are still a few minor "snags" to be resolved, the place looks and feels fantastic, the views from the upstairs relaxation area are quite spectacular. It is just such a great place to relax away from the swimming pool and bar area and just enjoy a quiet, intimate cocktail, whilst looking over the Mediterranean sea.

The swimming pool is quite lovely, and there is plenty of space to relax and chill out all around the beach club. There are great grassed areas, sun beds in abundance around the pool, there are dozens of sun beds on the beach itself, and well equipped terraces both inside and out, all with breath taking views over the Med!

The restaurant is very spacious and beautifully finished, there are lot's of staff in attendance, so good service should be assured, but even if it is a bit slow, just relax and enjoy the views!

The restaurant and bar caters for both snacks and a-la-carte dining, so you will be spoiled for choice.

This is a wonderful facility with something for everybody. Please remember to protect yourselves from the sun, particularly at the beach club, because there is a regular breeze which can make you think it is not so hot, so be careful.

Always remember to shower when entering the pool after being on the beach and in the sea, the sun tan oils will ruin the pool. There are also foot showers available to remove all sand.

It's been a long wait, but we really believe it has been worth it - the place get's a big "thumbs up" from all of us at Roda Golf Info, we hope you enjoy the latest pictures of the beach club and please feel free to leave any comments, all positive of course.

Well done Calidona and Roda Golf!

Please remember that, as always, these images are also available at "original" (very big!) sizes on our Flickr page here: and we would also like to remind our visitors, that our services are made possible by the kind support of Calida International Properties. Thank you.

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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8 Responses to Phase 4 - Villas handing over/apartments commencing!

  1. aidan says:

    will you be taking more photos of phase 4 apartments soon , just to see the progress

  2. Tommy Woods says:

    Hi, I regularly log in to your site for up to date info. on Roda , especially phase 4. How can you claim to provide all the news about phase 4 on Roda when you have not updated your article since March 24. I have been to Roda twice since, the last time being the first week of May. I was hoping that there would be something to report since then. By the way it is great to have your site giving information. If we had to rely on the powers that be on Roda to enlighten us we would be far worse off. Keep up the good work , but with more regular updates.

  3. tony bradshaw says:

    Why haven't there been any updates since March?

    I am coming out on holiday in July and it would be lovely to
    hear all the news about the development, new restaurants,what's on etc etc.

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks.

  4. gill kerr says:

    i am buying on phase 4 is there any updates on it



  5. Jack Manson says:

    Please request info about brisas b ground floor. Just master plan, availabylity and real prices.I already know the spot.
    Many thanks

  6. Hi Tony Bradshaw,
    Thank you for visiting the site and I hope you have been enjoying all the latest news and updates.
    I provide this web site free for everybody to enjoy but at considerable expense and as a result of the economic downturn it is very difficult for me to continue to provide monthly updates with pictures, however we will continue to do our very best.
    We will have a new update with some now photos for you very soon.
    Stuart Thomas
    Calida International Properties

  7. Hi Tommy Woods,
    Thank you for your comments and I am glad that you are enjoying the regular updates and photos we provide.
    I can claim to provide all the news about all phases on Roda as I am the only one doing it, certainly to the extent that I do
    This is a free service I provide and I assure we are doing our very best in these difficult times, as you so rightly point out nobody else has been providing these regular updates and photos.
    There will be a new update very soon with some new pictures and some exciting news.
    I do hope you enjoy the latest update with photos this week.
    Stuart Thomas
    Calida International Properties

  8. kim says:

    Are only the Villas and Town Houses being built on phase 4 at the moment?

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