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Why do we have to buy our furniture from Roda?

Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties. had the following to say:

"You will have to buy the furniture package direct from Roda Golf ONLY if you intend putting your property in the Roda Golf rental programme, this is important from a continuity perspective, also so that the quality can be guaranteed, please remember, this is going to be the best 5 star resort in Spain and any properties associated with De Vere or the developer, Calidona, trading as Roda Golf and Beach Resort must be of the highest standard and with the very best quality."

"If however you are not going to use the Roda Golf rental programme, then you are free to purchase your furniture from whomever you choose, Calida International Properties will be very happy to help you in this instance."

"Many congratulations on your decision to purchase at Roda Golf, if we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us."

How much do you think I could get for my 2 bedroom Barranda Townhouse on phase 2 now and when the site is completed in 2010?

Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties. had the following to say:

"Thanks for the enquiry, I hope you like this new information site, it is here for you owners to enjoy with no agenda, if you feel we can improve it, please let us know.

To answer your question, obviously this is a buyers market, particularly whilst the developer is still selling properties, the agents prefer to sell off-plan as it is easier and more often than not, more lucrative.

Your property is worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it, if it is in a nice location, with good views, then I would suggest somewhere in the region of about 260,000 euros to 299,000 euros, depending on if it is furnished, etc.

When the resort is finished, with the De Vere hotel and all the amenities are completed, when all the investor clients have come and gone, when all the MIS-SOLD properties have been re-sold and the resort has had 2 years reputation being established, your property should be worth well in excess of 350,000 euros and probably more, please remember, the worldwide "credit crunch" and the ongoing problems within the mortgage market will have some effect on all of these things, buthopefully will be sorted out by 2010, we certainly hope so.

The rentals will continue to grow, these are great tmes to buy in Spain, with the exceptiuon of the strong euro, everything else points to this being a fantastic time to buy property in Spain, also with people back in the UK tightening their "purse strings" they will "pass" on the expensive foreign holidays and come flooding back to Spain, well Roda Golf and Beach Resort is the best resort in Spain, stick with it and good luck.

What is the current resale price for a Birdie Villa?

Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties. had the following to say:

"The general housing market in Spain is quite slow at the moment, this has been well documented, however Roda Golf sales are still quite buoyant, particularly in terms of villa's and penthouse apartments, bank valuations are extremely positive and availability of the most desirable properties is becoming a real problem, good news for all you investors out there! There are no "Birdie Villa┬┤s available, but if there were, the developer would be selling them at 600,000 euros, possibly more as there would appear to be a waiting list for them, they are a very sought after property.
As soon as phase 3 has been completed, we fully expect the price of these to be higher, should anybody want the option to purchase these fantastic villa's, please send an enquiry and we will get somebody at Calida International to contact you, also if you are wanting to sell your "birdie" villa, please send details."

Can you give me an update on the progress of the apartments in Phase 4?

"The building license for phase 4 is not yet in place, simple bureaucracy at the local town hall is holding that up, however the "front line" golf villa's are well under construction, all of the excavation work has been completed for the apartments and work will commence shortly.
The phase 4 apartments will be delivered 1st or 2nd quarter of 2009 at the latest."

We would like to add that we will take a lot of pictures of that area soon! We have one image available here for now.

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