Phase 4 - Villas handing over/apartments commencing!

Welcome to this very exciting news update. We are very happy to be able to announce that work has finally started on the phase 4 apartments. All of the phase 4 villa's are now completed and are currently in the process of being handed over to the owners. We are showing two galleries below. The first shows the work being carried out - as we speak - on the apartments, whilst the other shows the completed gardens at the "back" of the Phase 4 villas, and some views of the course on and around the 15th fairway.

With regards to the phase 4 apartments, the technical staff have been working feverishly all week marking out the plots and directing the heavy plant. Most of the work that is currently being done is earth moving and extending the existing footings and locations for the foundations. Whilst we were photographing the site, we saw surveyors taking measurements and all together a large amount of activity.

You will see from the photos attached that there are some diggers and lorries on site, these are paving the way for the cranes and the full work force, all of the area for phase 4 has been prepared and actual construction work is obviously imminent, I think you will all agree this is excellent news.

The other piece of fantastic news is that there is now a new shop open at Roda Golf, the new mini market is located next to the Roda Golf sales office where the old bar and restaurant was located, you can now get your daily newspapers, plenty of beers and wines as well as fresh bread, milk, all your usual groceries, chocolates and walkers crisps, as well as good range of necessities and toiletries.

We will have course keep on top of the situation and as soon as any other developments take place in the area, you will be the first to know!

All comments and enquiries are very welcome for this and any other news item.


Gallery 1 - The Phase 4 apartments


Gallery 2 - The Phase 4 villas and the 15th fairway!

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