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Great news from Roda Golf - Especially for Phase 4 owners!

Phase 4 construction surging aheadOur belated first report of the year is good news all around, especially for owners on Roda Golf's Phase 4! Our full gallery of more than 50 images covers the whole of the Phase 4 villas which are looking stunning! Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Hello everybody, I know it is a little late seeing as January is pretty much gone but, Happy New Year and let's all hope for a healthy and prosperous 2009, even though the press are doing their very best to dampen everybody's spirits, we have some excellent news for all you Roda Golf owners out there.

Firstly we are delighted to report that the Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Roda Golf clubhouse were a huge success, particularly the New Year party. The staff as always were superb, the food and drinks were very good, the disco and all the dancing was very entertaining, and we can report a number of headaches on New Years day.

The Roda Golf course has been very busy over the whole holiday period with tourists and local golfers enjoying the superb golf course and facilities that Roda Golf has to offer. So many people were commenting on the fact that this is the best golf course in the area - we should all be pretty excited about that! Roda Golf is well and truly "on the map". Roda Golf is the best resort in the Murcia region and it is responsible for attracting people to the stunning Costa Calida.

As a result of all the visitors to the resort, property enquiries in the sales office and through our main sponsor Calida International Properties have been very good, surprisingly so which is another very encouraging sign despite these bleak economic times, we always say, "the cream will always float to the top" and Roda Golf is the best around.

Now we hear you saying, "what about the commercial centre? what about phase 4? what about the hotel?" OK, calm down, now for the real good news:

Work on the commercial centre will begin very soon, February looks like the month when it will all begin, a number of businesses are already contracted to run bars, restaurants and other businesses and the real good news is that there will be a mini supermarket located next to the sales office in the old temporary clubhouse, that is being renovated right now and hopefully it will be available very soon.

The car park is being extended. There are a few tractors and lorries working at present, this is as a result of feedback from owners and visitors to Roda Golf about the walk from the car park to the clubhouse, that will be much shorter very soon, and it will tidy up a large part of the"unfinished area that is fenced off and this will "tie in" nicely with the work about to commence on the commercial area and sports facilities.

Phase 4 at Roda has been quite an emotive subject, well even more good news is that work is about to commence as early as next week, the construction company is moving on site to commence work on phase 4 A right now, the apartments will join up with phase 3 all the way down to the 2nd entrance, these apartments are scheduled for completion in the first part of 2010, we recognise that this is later than initially estimated but these things happen, no point looking back, phase 4 is well and truly on the way.

Of the phase 4 front line golf villa's, they are all but completed and they look wonderful, great views and with the additional benefit of having solar panels for the water, so great for keeping costs down and excellent for the environment. We made the villas the subject of this months full gallery! Our photographer took pictures right the way along the front and then back along the rear of the properties, which were absolutely beautiful, especially the ones with gardens already bedding in. You can see all this in the pictures below and on Flickr. You can see over the road where construction on the apartments is about to start. We are going back with our photographer very shortly to take pictures of the apartment construction, and we will be following this, on your behalf, very closely.

Phase 4, with the new style of apartments (the "Brisa" and "Cantil") looks like being very exclusive, the lowest density of properties on the Roda Golf resort and with the duplex "Brisa Style" apartments we feel there is going to be a high demand for properties in this area.

Roda Golf still have some beautiful properties available on phase 4 (not too many) and our sponsors Calida International Properties will be very happy to help anybody wishing to enquire about purchasing property on phase 4, they have also asked us to mention that they have some of the best resale properties currently available on the Roda Golf resort with some amazing offers. It's thanks to their generosity that we can follow developments for you so closely, we encourage our readers to check their Roda resales with this link: Roda Golf resale properties.

Finally the hotel - this has been reported by Calidona that the hotel will not be started until the end of 2009 at the earliest. Let's be realistic, this is not the time to spend millions of euros on a project this size when the world economies are in such a turmoil. The exchange rate is terrible which will inevitably affect tourism, so we agree it is the right decision to hold off for the time being, at least until the global financial situation improves, as soon as we hear any different we will report as always, please remember a very wise person once said "this too shall pass" things will get better!

Well we hope you like these latest photos and this first update of 2009, once again we would like to wish everybody a very happy New Year and a very, very healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2009, please feel free to leave your comments on this or any other article on this web site, only positive comments please, go to everybody's favourite "moan" site to leave the negative stuff, please remember we are here to help you and provide as much information as possible.

Please also see the information web site on Corvera Golf and Country Club, the sister resort for Roda Golf, go to for all the latest news!

Water features of Phase 1

During our last full inspection and photo shoot at Roda Golf and Beach Resort we wanted to pay special attention to the water features in and around phases 1 and 2. There has been lots of negative comments directed at the developer, Calidona, for the poor design and implementation of these water features. Please click here to read our findings and see the big pictures Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Water feature - View 1 -  Click to enlarge
Water feature - View 1 - Click to enlarge

During our last full inspection and photo shoot at Roda Golf and Beach Resort we wanted to pay special attention to the water features in and around phases 1 and 2. There has been lots of negative comments directed at the developer, Calidona, for the poor design and implementation of these water features.

We are happy to report that they have all been cleaned out, they have been completely re-painted, and they look really nice, we have included some photos of these. As ever, just click them to make them a lot larger. I think everyone will agree they now look a lot better. The plants are really flourishing on these two phases as well, and everything is getting really "settled in".

Water feature - View 2 -  Click to enlarge
Water feature - View 2 - Click to enlarge

We would like to remind everybody on Roda Golf Phase 1 and 2 that it is no longer the responsibility of the developer, you may know them as Calidona or Roda Golf and Beach Resort, to maintain the water features, the swimming pools or indeed the communal areas.

Once each phase, and indeed each section within each phase, has been handed over to the owners, all of the communal areas, etc. are now the responsibility of the community of owners and the administrators appointed for that community, there is little point in "sounding off" at, or about, the developer, as lots of people are doing. The developer's responsibility has now ended, that is the way it works in Spain and the Roda Golf resort is no exception. The really good news is that it all looks a lot better and long may it continue to do so.

Water feature - View 3 -  Click to enlarge
Water feature - View 3 - Click to enlarge

Water feature - View 4 -  Click to enlarge
Water feature - View 4 - Click to enlarge

If anybody has any concerns about this or any other matter, once they have completed on their property, they should direct all enquiries to their administrator, please feel free to contact us should you experience any difficulties, we will be happy to help if we can.

Visit and full report - Roda Golf Beach Club

We have had a large number of requests for this report, with updated pictures from our regular visitors, who are growing increasingly fed up with the negative posts on a few "independent" forums out there about the beach club at Roda Golf and Beach Resort. This report has 30, COMPLETELY UP TO DATE and massive size pictures too! Click here to read the full article, see the gallery and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Work going on! A lot of it! -  Click to enlarge
Work going on! A lot of it! - Click to enlarge

Photo gallery is below this report! Hover over it for controls, click it for descriptions. Or go straight to the Flickr set for high resolution views!

We have had a large number of requests for this report, with updated pictures from our regular visitors, who are growing increasingly fed up with the negative posts on a few "independent" forums out there about the beach club at Roda Golf.

We visited the Roda Golf beach club on Friday 25th April and were very pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that has currently been completed, also the amount of work under construction, there were about 25 men working. Only a couple had decided it was too hot and were enjoying what looked like a well earned "siesta" under one of the beautiful palm trees!

The Roda Golf and Beach Resort beach club is progressing nicely, the location is fantastic, for those of you who have not been lucky enough to visit the area, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.

There was a massive amount of work to be done but due to owner pressure, the beach club was opened last year with a very limited service, it looked nice and was a pleasant alternative to the local beaches in Los Alcazares. However, for it to be considered a 5 star beach club, which is what you all want, the building needed to be taken back to the bare structure, well that has happened in the closed season.

You must also remember that now that the new clubhouse has been completed and opened, with huge success I might add, (see our roda golf clubhouse post here) there are more men available for work on the beach club.

There has been lots of new steel added, as well as a new floor for the upstairs. A number of internal walls have been removed, and all the area outside has been cleared. There are lots of building materials laying around, however they will all be used in due course.

The beaches have been swept and all the beach debris has been removed, we actually watched a couple of trucks taking it away whilst we were there.

The Beach Club pool - Neglected...for now! -  Click to enlarge
The Beach Club pool - Neglected...for now! - Click to enlarge

The swimming pool has clearly been neglected, obviously as nobody has been using it for about 10 months, it looks like nobody has cleaned it in that time either, this pool will take just a week or 2 at most to be restored to it's former glory, but it has the potential to be spectacular, what with it being only 40 paces to the Mediterranean sea from the pool!

The gardens again have the potential to be superb, it is a massive area with loads of room to simply lounge around and relax whilst you decide, "is it the pool or the sea"? Not a bad choice, we call that a "win win" situation! :)

We were lucky enough to meet some new owners who had just purchased this week, they were checking out the location and the planned facilities for the first time, Matt and Rachel and their 14 week old daughter Macy from Porthcawl, South Wales. They absolutely loved the place! Matt, who own his own magazine, "Seaside News", commented that even though the place was a mess, he could see the potential for one of the nicest facilities he has ever seen.

Matt who loves to surf, and has travelled the world in pursuit of that elusive monster wave said, "the peace and quiet here, and the natural beauty of this area is just fantastic and we can't wait to use the beach club".

Nice one Matt, thanks for your time. We hope you and the family had a safe trip home.

In our opinion, this beach club is going to be awesome. We have always felt that, and if the new Roda Golf clubhouse is anything to go by, I think we will be right. The planned opening is the last week of June, which is when all the water parks in the area open, so nothing strange there. Be patient and get ready to be wowed, because even though there have been considerable delays, Calidona so far are exceeding everybody's expectations with the finished product.

We hope you enjoy these most up to date photos of the beach club, please feel free to leave a comment or request any further information.

Look out for our next news item coming soon, and remember, you can click the gallery for descriptions of each photo!

FULL REPORT & gallery from our latest visit on 3rd April '08!

This week our friends at Calida International Properties visited the Roda site and, again, took a professional photographer with them! The result was a FULL REPORT and a gallery of forty-seven images! This post has the full gallery and a complete write up of the findings of our inspection. Click here to read the full article, see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to the full April report with completely new, and completely up to date photos! We concentrated this month on providing views of the properties from the golf course. The very kind people at the De Vere clubhouse loaned us a buggy for a couple of hours, which we used to tour the course, starting up the 10th fairway, moving all the way around the proposed phase 5 area, moving on to phase 4, then down past the 17th green and 18th tee and fairway to have a look at phase 3 and then on to the front 9.

Please be aware that these photos are also available to view on our Flickr page. It really is worth visiting our Flickr page because the images there are available there at absolutely HUGE sizes! (More than 6000 pixels wide!) You can zoom in to find your own house! Just write in if you need help using Flickr. And now onto the gallery. Please just hover over the gallery area to access the controls, and if you click a picture a detailed description will appear! The full report is below the gallery:

Our Roda Golf and Beach Resort full April report

The Roda golf course was looking fantastic as usual, there were lots of players out there, some playing some great golf, others just enjoying the day out. We stopped for a brief chat with a few groups just to get their opinions on the golf course and Roda Golf generally, without exception, everybody thought it looked fantastic and they were enjoying the golf course very much.

There was one particular "4 ball" who were not owners, however they were so impressed that they were looking for property to purchase at the resort, that has to be great news and we expect that will start to happen more and more as each phase comes on-line.

A big thank you to all the golfers who gave us a few moments of their time, much appreciated.

The views of the properties and the completed phases looked great from the golf course side, the front line villas in particular with the swimming pools are very impressive, particularly when you see the owners enjoying their lunch and a glass of wine or two, whilst watching the golfers at the same time, the resort really is starting to "come to life"!

The Roda fairways are in almost perfect condition and the greens are now as fast as we have seen them, not quite Augusta and the Masters standard, but fast none the less, the one thing that separates the golf course at Roda Golf from the other golf courses in the region is the attention to detail and the manicuring around the course, that is down to the world class experience that Mike Maloney from De Vere and his team bring to the project.

There is still no sign of the apartments on phase 4 being started, albeit there is now considerable work on the front line golf villas, phase 3 A is looking fantastic and lots of owners have now completed over there and phase 3 B looks all set to be delivered about August / September time. We know there have been considerable delays, but I think everybody will agree it has been worth it, Calidona really are delivering a world class resort.

We have reported before on the opening on the clubhouse and it would appear that we got our dates for the official opening incorrect, my advice to everybody is get ready to enjoy the sensational facilities at the clubhouse sooner rather than later, for those who have visited the new clubhouse, I think you will al agree it looks incredible, for those of you still to visit and see the facilities, you are in for a real treat.

The fully renovated beach club will be ready with a full service for the Summer, we will have a special report on that in the near future, if there are any questions regarding any of the above, please write in and we will be happy to provide as much information as possible.

We met a lot of people who were renting properties for the first time at the Roda Golf and Beach Resort, this was also very good news for those people looking to rent their properties out and start getting a return on their investment.

Please remember, if you are planning to rent out your property, make sure you have a professional property management company looking after your property and your guests, this is the best way to guarantee that they come back next year, you really do need so much more than just a "key holding" service, our sponsors over at Calida International Properties will be very happy to help and assist in any way they can.

I hope you enjoy our latest set of photos and in a day or two we we publish the virtual reality view from the par 3, 11th green!