FULL REPORT and gallery - The Roda Beach Club - June 2008

We are very excited to provide you all with the very latest and up-to-date pictures of the Roda Golf beach club which is set to open in July.

The amount of work that has been undertaken since our last visit is just incredible, we at Roda Golf Info did not believe they would be ready by July, however the place has undergone a complete transformation.

All the beaches are now immaculate, there was even a beach sweeper cleaning the beach as we were there. Most of the gardens are now in place and they were busy planting all the various shrubs and plants during our visit. The swimming pool was looking fantastic and was being filled before our eyes.

The style and quality of the building itself was absolutely phenomenal, the various bars are now ready with beer pumps in place (excellent news!) the open plan kitchens, in a similar style to the kitchen at the Roda Golf clubhouse have also been installed. Most of the terraces and walkways throughout the beach club have now been completed - whilst there is still lots of work to go, the place look just incredible!

The remaining work seems to be mostly just "tidying up", other than that everything seems pretty complete.

They have about fifty sliding glass doors that fold back on to themselves which bring the outside in, or the inside out, not quite sure, but is just an amazing feature. There is so much glass upstairs and downstairs that you get the feeling of being outside even if you are inside, it all looks so light and airy, which of course it is, and the views over the Mediterranean Sea from all parts of the beach club is fantastic.

Yet again Calidona have exceeded all of our expectations, yes we have to wait a little longer for this fantastic facility, but the great news, it is here now and WOW! are you going to enjoy it.

We hope you enjoy these latest pictures and this update, if there is anything we can do for you, or you world like to see on this web site, please just let us know.

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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