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May report - Summer is here again!

Summer arrives on Roda GolfSummer is here! And not only is Phase 4 now ready to go, but the golf course is looking fantastic! Click here to read more, see the gallery with 36 pictures and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Phase 4 ready to go!

Welcome to the latest report on web site. Yes it is phase 4 of Roda Golf yet again, but it is looking great! The very good news is that phase 4 is ready! The very first owners are all set to complete their purchases from June 8th. Yes it has been a long wait, but I am certain you will think the wait was worth it - Just have a look at the photos below.

The build quality is excellent, our colleagues arranging snagging services are very pleased with the build quality - and indeed the quality of all finishing.

As previously reported, the rooms are larger than properties on other phases, and there is a lot more light as a result of the extra windows.

The outside and communal areas are now showing early signs of growth, with all grassed areas actually showing a good covering of grass. Phase 4 is the only area with children's swimming and paddling pools. This is a great advantage. The swimming pools have now been cleaned, and are ready for use, and looking beautiful.

Hopefully you can get a good idea of all the space in and around the communal areas from the photos below. It is looking wonderful - a little bit of rain is required (sorry sun worshipers) along with the usual mixture of sunshine we normally get this time of year. These gardens are going to look amazing in maybe 6 - 8 weeks at most.

Beach Club now open and the golf course looking fantastic

We have more good news! The Roda Golf Beach Club is now open and all enquiries regarding the beach club opening times and travel arrangements should be directed to the Roda Golf Rentals dept. or the Roda Golf club house.

We are hoping that with Phase 4 now completed, the Beach Club now in it's second full year of business, the economic recovery starting (yes we know it is going to be slow) and the golf course the busiest in the region - that Roda Golf is going to be well and truly "on the map" for you golf lovers!

The golf course itself is now in the best condition we have known it, and it is looking fantastic. For more information regarding any of the facilities or properties for rent at Roda Golf, please just go to or contact us directly here on

Mini market

Finally we would like to say a big thank you to Paul and Sue Lawrenson who run the mini market on Roda Golf and Beach Resort. They provide a very comprehensive and invaluable service to Roda Golf residents and guests, and you are always guaranteed a very friendly welcome whenever you visit the mini market.

Paul and Sue will be the first ones to say it has been a long, and economically tough, winter, however with Whitsun around the corner, the summer is well and truly here! Please make every effort to visit Paul and Sue at the mini market, and support them when possible. They have an excellent range of essentials like beer, wines, spirits (just kidding) but they do have an excellent range of basic provisions, also newspapers and magazines, frozen foods, fresh bread and pastries, ice creams and ice lollies, as mentioned beers, wines and spirits as well as beach goods for the kids. they even have an excellent book lending service and toys and games as well.

You can also stop here mid-way during your round of golf and collect cold drinks and beers as well as fresh baguettes and snacks.

Please see the photos of Paul and Sue as well as the comprehensively stocked mini market below, the mini market at Roda Golf is open daily from 9.00am to 8.00pm, should you have any special requirements, you can e-mail Paul and Sue on or telephone Paul on +34 620 65 08 09 and Sue on +34 618 56 99 99.

Properties available now!

We have properties available for holiday let and long term let, please see our full range of properties at or simply e-mail us here.

Should anybody need any help with their Mortgage Requirements or help with Furniture Packs, Property Management and Rentals, please just drop us an e-mail here or contact Stuart Thomas directly on +34 680 842895, Look forward to hearing from you and we will be back in a month, hopefully with some views from phase 4 purchasers.

WARNING!! Please use plenty of sun cream for the first few days of your holidays, the temperature has now hit 30 degrees and getting warmer, factor 20 or above for the first few days, c'mon folks take care of yourselves!!

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April 2010 update - Phase 4 nearing completion!

Phase 4 nearing completionPhase 4 is nerarly there! It's been a long haul, but having been inside the properties I can report stunning construction quality, light and views! Click here to read more, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Firstly we'd like to offer sincerest sympathies for everybody caught up in the "no flights" problem! We have loads of clients and friends stuck here in Spain - no better place to be stuck to be truthful - but we know folks have to get back to their work, families and pets, so hopefully things will return to normal as quickly as possible.

We also have lots of clients and guests waiting to come over, so business affected for us as well, so we're really hoping for a quick return to normal. The funny thing is that Iceland's airport is relatively unaffected... go figure!

On to Phase 4! All about phase 4 at present as the progress is truly fantastic, we have a few pictures to go with this update as usual, however I have been lucky enough to enter a few of the properties on the new phase 4 "Brisa" style apartments and the only thing I can say is WOW!

I took some Roda Golf phase 3 villa owners, Den and Alison Maycock from London with me for a second opinion, and they were as enthusiastic as me. They agreed that these properties and this area was fantastic. They also commented on the quality of build which they said was surprising as the progress has been so very quick.

All the properties are very bright and airy, there is far more room as the floor space is larger, particularly as these "Brisa" style properties all have good size utility rooms with them. There seems to be much more light as there are more windows. It's really nice to have access onto the main terrace from the bedroom, as well as the lounge.

There are far fewer properties - and therefore people - on phase 4, making it a very exclusive phase on Roda Golf. The ground floor apartments are elevated and looking over the swimming pool, which incidentally have separate kiddies pools. Absolutely stunning.

The penthouse properties are superb with stunning views, and 90% of them are facing South guaranteeing all day sunshine. The real feature of these new style "Duplex" penthouse apartments (only available on this phase of Roda Golf) is the internal marble staircase up to the master bedroom and rooftop solarium. The solarium is all ready for a hot tub Jacuzzi and all the properties have sea and golf course views.

The communal areas are very "open" with considerably more paving around the communal swimming pools on this phase. All of the properties on phase 4 are just "second line" to the golf course.

The cranes have now been removed, as well as the large cement hoppers, so we really are in the final phase of construction. I am confident that all owners who have purchased on this phase will not be disappointed - your property is almost ready! It has been a long haul, but the whole area looks fantastic and some new owners should start to complete the purchase from sometime in May.

Very important for people to consider - IVA (VAT) goes up from July 1st 2010. There is an extra 1% to pay on all purchases and an extra 2% to pay on all services, so from 7% to 8% and from 16% to 18%, please consider this when planning to complete your purchase soon.

As always we are available for any help with Mortgages, Furniture Packs, Property Management and Rentals, as well as any other enquiries you may have.

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A quick update! Phase 4 is flying along!

Spiral staircaseJust a quick "interim" update for all those lucky folks on Phase 4. The construction work here is absolutely flying along, and we couldn't resist taking some photos. It's a hive of activity! Click here to read more, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Just a quick post today, but we really didn't want you to miss this exciting news! Simply great news regarding phase 4 at Roda Golf. The building work is progressing at such a rate, we couldn't resist taking some pictures to show you. We will still provide some more pictures and another update later in April.

Most of the blocks are now painted. We can barely keep up! Loads has been done since we took these latest photos the other week. The whole area is a hive of activity. Builders are everywhere... and the sound of diggers, trucks and cranes!

The properties are now having the windows installed and glazing will commence imminently, phase 4 is starting to look fantastic!

There has been earth delivered for the gardens, so there really is a huge amount of work on every part of these properties, it will be any day now when the kitchens and bathrooms are delivered and installed and we will bring you the photos as soon as possible, just anxious now to get inside and take some photos of the views from inside the properties and from the terraces and solarium's, should be great.

Most of the external plastering has now been completed, so we should see the area being tidied up quite a lot from now on, we still anticipate owners should be preparing to complete from the start of June.

I hope you enjoy the latest batch of photos. Rest assured there will be a much more comprehensive update next time.

Phase B Speculation

There has been some speculation regarding phase 4B. We can report accurately that there has been no work started on phase 4B, and there are no plans in the immediate future to start this phase. We will report it here as soon as we get news. The only work currently under construction is on phase 4A.

Should you new owners on phase 4A at Roda Golf require any help regarding mortgages, furniture Requirements, ongoing Property Management and Rentals - or you have any other requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

That's all for now. Feel lucky if you are a Phase 4 owner...and we'll be back very soon with much more!

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Phase 4 flying along! Completion starting in May!

Workers on phase 4Spring is here! Along with the great weather we have some great news! Work is flying along on Phase 4, with properties set for completion this May. We have some advise for all you "soon to be" owners here at Roda! Click here to read more, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Here we are in March already! Spring is finally here, and after a month of horrible weather, the mild weather is upon us, the temperature has shot up and the sun is shining at last!! On top of that we have some great news with this update for the number one information web site for Roda Golf!

Even though the weather has been awful, the golf course has been very busy with members, societies and holiday golfers enjoying the Roda Golf course which is still in remarkably good condition.

We have plenty of enquiries coming in for rental properties which is excellent news. Holiday bookings for the Summer are coming in thick and fast and there are also enquiries coming in from buyers looking to buy property here at Roda Golf - all good news I am sure you will agree! A long way to go, but things are definitely moving in the right direction.

The Roda Golf rental department has informed us that they are currently experiencing record enquiries for rentals at Roda Golf, outstanding news.

As you will see from the photos, phase 4A is flying along. There are literally dozens of workers on site, and all working like mad to get the phase completed.

I have spoken to the staff at Roda Golf and they are expecting to start completing the purchase for these properties from May, for those of you who have purchased on phase 4A you need to make sure you are all ready! Start looking for your mortgages now and get prepared, they are taking a lot longer to organise in this current economic climate. The excellent news is that mortgage interest rates are now very low indeed, and so these properties are a lot more affordable, particularly for those owners looking for maximum mortgage.

Regarding the mortgage for these properties, 60% LTV (Loan To Value) mortgage is widely available, 70% is available subject to status and property valuation. Interest Only options are now quite difficult to come by, some banks will offer up to five years, most will offer maximum two years Interest Only option.

For help and assistance with your mortgage or any other matter relating to your completion on your phase 4 property, please don't hesitate to email us, or phone directly on (+34) 680 842 895.

If you are looking to rent out your property, please start marketing the property now, people are booking, and we now know these properties will be ready for this Summer, I think the Brisa style properties, in particular, are going to be very nice and very exclusive. If you leave the marketing of your property until you complete and furnish the property, you will have missed the Summer rentals for the most part.

Should you require guidance regarding your furniture options, just drop us an e-mail with your enquiry.

Regarding this months photos, I have thrown is a few of phase 3 and the golf course, just to remind you all why you purchased at Roda Golf and why most of us love it here! There is also a photo of Ruaidhri McGee, Roda Golf's own budding professional going through his daily routine of practising every aspect of his game, look out for Ruaidhri on your TV in the next few years.

The latest photos show a huge amount of work and activity on phase 4A at Roda Golf, I know it has been a long wait, I an sure you phase 4 owners will think it has been worth the wait.

I already can't wait myself for the April update!

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Great news for P4 owners & spiral staircase replacements

Spiral staircaseA quick update with some fantastic news for you worried Phase 4 owners out there! Read on and you will have a great day! Also we have a new service to offer with regards to those wobbly spiral staircases on Phases 1 and 2 Click here to read more, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Well everybody, it has only been a few days since our last update, however I have some excellent news so I could not wait a month to share it with you, so here it is.

Regarding the work on the Phase 4 "Brisa" style apartments, the are dozens of workers on site and all cranes are now fully operational! At last it looks like these apartments will be finished pretty quickly! We will obviously be keeping an eye on things for you and reporting all progress, however it is all systems go and at last Phase 4A is a hive of activity.

I know you have all been waiting a long time, but it is now time to start to plan the completion process - I bet you thought this day might never come! You need to start to plan for your NIE numbers, your mortgage requirements and get your lawyers fully up to speed with your proposed completion dates, which look like being early Summer.

We are currently helping many people with their mortgage applications, so if you would like any help please contact us. We deal with every major bank in Spain, and we also have all the details of the builders mortgage. We have our own in-house mortgage specialist so we will definitely be able to find the mortgage product to best suit your needs.

Please remember as the largest Property Management company on Roda Golf, we will be very happy to help with all furniture requirements and indeed all management and rentals needs, please call Stuart direct on (0034) 680 842 895 any time. We are here to help and are able to offer comprehensive advice regarding all aspects of your proposed completion on Phase 4 at Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

Spiral staircases on Phases 1 and 2

We are being contacted regularly about the spiral staircase leading to the penthouse solarium's on phase 1 and 2 with owners asking "are there any options to improve or change them"? They have always been a bit of a nuisance, particularly for older people, or for people with any kind of disability or handicap, well at last there is an alternative. It looks fantastic and more importantly it improves access to the solarium tremendously.

It has long been a desire for the spiral staircase to be changed over for a more suitable form of access that enables family members of all sizes and ages to safely use the extensive solarium areas, whilst retaining the colours and design of the existing architecture.

Thankfully, it was recently decided by the community of phase one in Roda Golf to allow the necessary changes to take place. The first two property owners who wanted to take full advantage of the staircase replacement have now had this completed and they are absolutely thrilled with the results, so much so there have already been many requests for surveys and quotations for similar on other owners penthouse apartments.

Not only will this improve accessibility, but it will also increase the value of your penthouse apartment, so it's an excellent investment as well.

Local building firm "Baxters Spain" run by Paul and Andy Baxter have already proved themselves to be an excellent choice for carrying out this improvement, and indeed upgrade, with all work being completed professionally and within the time scales set out initially during the initial survey.

The new stairway comes with a special powder-coat finish means that it is virtually maintenance free, with just the occasional "polish" necessary to keep the sparkle looking nice.

With safety being a major concern, non-slip tiles (colour matched to the existing tiles) were fitted to the stairs, always ensuring a firm footing, despite the weather. A further safety point is that the hand rails on the stairs and the platform are to regulation height, giving added security and peace of mind. Wherever possible the handrails have also been bolted to the walls, ensuring that the staircase is perfectly ridged and has no-movement what-so-ever, in complete contrast to the original wobbly spiral stairway!

The very first owners to have this improvement are absolutely thrilled and have provided excellent testimonials stating how pleased they are with the results.

In short, the new staircase vastly improves your property and makes it:

  • Much safer to use.
  • Possible to have easy access to the extensive solarium.
  • Quieter to walk upon, no more noisy metal stair treads!
  • More rentable.
  • More saleable.
  • Have a significant increase in value.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the possibilities of swapping your spiral staircase and improving your already stunning penthouse apartment, please feel free to contact us here directly on (0034) 680 842 895 (email) and we will arrange for the builder to come and provide a free "on site" survey with no obligation.

We have done extensive research on the possibility of the replacement staircase option. It is necessary to have a site visit (no obligation) and measure the lower terrace as they are all different and require "bespoke" stairs to be made for each property. It is NOT possible for a one-design-fits all scenario.

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January update and news from Phase 4

Roda Golf Pahase 4So here we are already in 2010! Time flies! This month we have a report about Phase 4, including a little gallery, and we offer some general advice for those people waiting for their home to be completed here on Roda golf. Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Happy New Year to everybody and apologies once again for delayed update. It has been a very hectic Christmas holiday and start to the new year, I can't believe we are almost in to February!

Anyway, I must start off by saying what a fantastic New Years Eve party we had at the Roda Golf clubhouse, a big thank you to Graham Sanders for organising our particular group of about twenty-five people. We all had a wonderful evening as well as the obligatory headache the next day.

A special thank you to all the staff at Collados at the Roda Clubhouse. There has been some negative comments regarding the service and indeed the unfriendly attitude of the staff in recent months, some of it deserved, however they all made a superb effort and were very welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. A wonderful evening was had by all, and I strongly recommend you try to attend next year if possible - my wife and I will certainly be there.

Anyway, on to the Roda Golf update. We have been getting lots of enquiries regarding the progress on Phase 4, obviously there are many concerned owners awaiting completion of their property which is already well overdue, possibly 12-18 months late already.

There has not been much progress on the construction on Phase 4 for some months. However there is small crew working there at present (29th January). They are mainly roofers putting the roofs on the "Brisa" style apartments. The cranes are working away, lifting materials to the workers up on the roof. I have also spotted electricians and plumbers working intermittently.

There is no doubt work is very slow. However reports that there is no work of any kind happening at present is incorrect. There are about eight workers on-site at present and they seem to be working all week, but I must stress that work does seem to be progressing rather slowly.

There are photographs here to go with the update. These show definite improvements on the previous Phase 4 photos in September, but still some way to go.

A number of our regular visitors are asking questions of a legal nature, and I can only say that you must speak to your lawyer or legal expert for contractual advice, as we are simply not qualified to advise. If I can be of any assistance to anybody who has purchased on Phase 4 and is uncertain of what is happening, or are simply not receiving any information, please feel free to contact me anytime. Please contact me - Stuart Thomas anytime on (00 34) 680 842 895 and I will be happy to take your call and help if possible.

Some other news - The golf course is still in excellent condition. Resident golfers Danny Reilly and Graham Sanders provide me with regular updates on the course condition and everything looks great. The weather is much better now, and the golf course has been packed for the last three days so that is excellent news! The golf clubhouse has also been very busy, and helping to create a great atmosphere for all.

A very important meeting for owners has just taken place at the offices of the Housing Association. As soon as we have any news of the outcome we will do our best to update you. For anybody wanting news now, I would suggest you contact your community committee or the Housing Association and ask for Marisol.

There are a number of enquiries starting to come in from people looking to purchase property at Roda Golf which is excellent news. It is still very much a buyers market, but it looks like things are starting to turn around at last.We do have a fantastic selection of resale properties available and we are able to provide full mortgage services for anybody looking to buy property at Roda Golf, please visit our web site at My web guys tell me that this link will show you just our Roda property- Roda Golf property for sale

In my opinion there has never been a better time to purchase property in the Murcia region, and as the number one agent for Roda Golf, we do have the very best selection of properties available at Roda Golf and it would be our pleasure to help you with your property purchase requirements at Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

We also have some fantastic properties available direct from the developer with superb and exclusive benefits.

We also have the largest selection of rental properties available at so please come and visit and book your summer holiday now!

Once again Happy New Year to everybody, let's hope for an excellent 2010 at the fabulous Roda Golf and Beach Resort, I look forward to seeing you there soon!

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September report - Work progressing apace on Phase 4!

It's been a busy Summer here at Roda Golf and Beach Resort in Murcia, and with rental properties full, and Phase 4 construction continuing apace there's much to be excited about! Click here to see the pictures, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to the September/October update for Roda Golf, it has been a little while since our last update because we have had a very busy summer. It has been a record summer for rentals at Roda Golf with more and more people searching the internet specifically for "Roda Golf", so it really has been very hectic.

The new team at Universal Hospitality (please visit are well and truly in to their stride looking after all property management and rentals requirements at Roda Golf, with Gillian and Andrew on site 24/7 looking after all properties and guests needs... they are going from strength to strength.

Should anybody be interested in our property management and rentals services, please contact us at or contact Gavin Jones directly at or you can still contact us by visiting

Phase 4 at Roda Golf is really starting to show considerable progress and even though it has been a long wait, we think that May 2010 everything will be completed on the first part of phase 4 (Phase 4A)

There have been some additional blocks built. There are now many men working on every block currently constructed and a lot of the block work or brick work has now been completed, most of the internal plumbing work has been completed and the underground car parks have been completed.

We have some photos from about two weeks ago, but there has been huge progress since then so we will provide more photos and a brief update in a couple of weeks.

With all of the infrastructure all ready in place and phase 3 already completed and looking fantastic, phase 4 once completed is going to look superb and as we keep saying, we feel that phase 4 is going to be very exclusive with fewer properties here than on any other part of the resort and with phase 4 being the only location for the new "Brisa" style apartments, it is all getting very exciting.

The sports facilities have proved very popular this summer but it has been very hot that it was only really sensible to use these excellent facilities in the morning or late afternoon.

Finally, we are able to offer a long term rental proposition to our clients, so if anybody is interested in letting their property long term or anybody on phase 4 requires help or assistance with the completion of their property including all mortgage requirements, property management and rentals services or even help with furnishing your property, please contact us on 0034 680 842895 or visit our web site at

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Roda Sports facilities and Phase 4 progress

We are back with some more great news for Roda Golf owners and fans - The Sports facilities are all but finished, and the Phase 4 apartments are cracking along with 50 guys working around the clock. We have TWO galleries waiting for you, and would love to hear your comments!Click here to see the galleries, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Hi everybody, apologies for the delay in updating the only information web site for Roda Golf and Beach Resort. We have been very busy providing updates for the sister resort at Corvera Golf and Country Club which is making fantastic progress.

The Summer is well and truly here - and wow is it hot! We have some great news and photos to accompany the report on the new sports facilities and phase 4 apartments.

Firstly the new Sports facilities. We have taken some great new pictures showing the new tennis court, the paddle tennis courts (mixture of squash and tennis played with large paddle bats and tennis balls), the multi purpose sports pitch with basket ball courts and hoops, and soccer pitch with goals.

All are now completed along with the new access road and car park facilities. There are changing rooms along with a children's play area and lots of lovely landscaping, all over looking the signature hole - The par 3 7th to the island green, with great views across the lake to the clubhouse.

It all looks absolutely fabulous and will be ready for use 1st July, although it might be a bit warm for all that exercise! "Mad dogs and Englishmen" springs to mind (along with the occasional Welshman)

The Phase 4 apartments are well under construction and not much to report here other than to say just look at the photos, the progress is amazing and it looks different everyday, there are 3 permanent cranes as well as a number of smaller ones, concrete trucks in and out all day as well as about fifty guys working around the clock.

Phase 4 is really starting to look tremendous and we all expect this phase to be fantastic. It enjoys the lowest density of building on the resort at Roda Golf as well as the much awaited phase 4 "Brisa" style apartments. Yes, there has been quite a big delay, but it is going to be worth the wait of that we are sure.

Finally, there have been some dramatic and fantastic changes and improvements at the Roda Golf Beach Club and we will have an update with photos very soon, it is now open and already some very positive comments have been forwarded to us.

I hope you enjoy this latest report with photos, all feedback greatly appreciated, please also pay particular attention to our new Roda Golf services brochure which you can download below. We are happy to help with every aspect of your completion of your new property at Roda Golf or to provide a professional management service with rentals if you are already an owner at Murcia's newest and best golf resort here at Roda Golf and Beach Resort!

We'll be back in a week or two with another update, and we have a small video of Phase 4 construction too!

Happy Summer everyone - Stuart Thomas - Calida International Properties


The Sports facilities


Phase 4 Apartment progress


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Phase 4 - Villas handing over/apartments commencing!

Not only are the Phase 4 villas being handed over to owners right now, but serious work is being carried out on the Phase 4 apartments here at Roda Golf! Plus a mini market has opened it's doors for trade. We have two small galleries showing the current views of the villas and apartments. Click here to see the galleries, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to this very exciting news update. We are very happy to be able to announce that work has finally started on the phase 4 apartments. All of the phase 4 villa's are now completed and are currently in the process of being handed over to the owners. We are showing two galleries below. The first shows the work being carried out - as we speak - on the apartments, whilst the other shows the completed gardens at the "back" of the Phase 4 villas, and some views of the course on and around the 15th fairway.

With regards to the phase 4 apartments, the technical staff have been working feverishly all week marking out the plots and directing the heavy plant. Most of the work that is currently being done is earth moving and extending the existing footings and locations for the foundations. Whilst we were photographing the site, we saw surveyors taking measurements and all together a large amount of activity.

You will see from the photos attached that there are some diggers and lorries on site, these are paving the way for the cranes and the full work force, all of the area for phase 4 has been prepared and actual construction work is obviously imminent, I think you will all agree this is excellent news.

The other piece of fantastic news is that there is now a new shop open at Roda Golf, the new mini market is located next to the Roda Golf sales office where the old bar and restaurant was located, you can now get your daily newspapers, plenty of beers and wines as well as fresh bread, milk, all your usual groceries, chocolates and walkers crisps, as well as good range of necessities and toiletries.

We will have course keep on top of the situation and as soon as any other developments take place in the area, you will be the first to know!

All comments and enquiries are very welcome for this and any other news item.


Gallery 1 - The Phase 4 apartments


Gallery 2 - The Phase 4 villas and the 15th fairway!

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Great news from Roda Golf - Especially for Phase 4 owners!

Phase 4 construction surging aheadOur belated first report of the year is good news all around, especially for owners on Roda Golf's Phase 4! Our full gallery of more than 50 images covers the whole of the Phase 4 villas which are looking stunning! Click here to see the gallery, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Hello everybody, I know it is a little late seeing as January is pretty much gone but, Happy New Year and let's all hope for a healthy and prosperous 2009, even though the press are doing their very best to dampen everybody's spirits, we have some excellent news for all you Roda Golf owners out there.

Firstly we are delighted to report that the Christmas and New Year celebrations at the Roda Golf clubhouse were a huge success, particularly the New Year party. The staff as always were superb, the food and drinks were very good, the disco and all the dancing was very entertaining, and we can report a number of headaches on New Years day.

The Roda Golf course has been very busy over the whole holiday period with tourists and local golfers enjoying the superb golf course and facilities that Roda Golf has to offer. So many people were commenting on the fact that this is the best golf course in the area - we should all be pretty excited about that! Roda Golf is well and truly "on the map". Roda Golf is the best resort in the Murcia region and it is responsible for attracting people to the stunning Costa Calida.

As a result of all the visitors to the resort, property enquiries in the sales office and through our main sponsor Calida International Properties have been very good, surprisingly so which is another very encouraging sign despite these bleak economic times, we always say, "the cream will always float to the top" and Roda Golf is the best around.

Now we hear you saying, "what about the commercial centre? what about phase 4? what about the hotel?" OK, calm down, now for the real good news:

Work on the commercial centre will begin very soon, February looks like the month when it will all begin, a number of businesses are already contracted to run bars, restaurants and other businesses and the real good news is that there will be a mini supermarket located next to the sales office in the old temporary clubhouse, that is being renovated right now and hopefully it will be available very soon.

The car park is being extended. There are a few tractors and lorries working at present, this is as a result of feedback from owners and visitors to Roda Golf about the walk from the car park to the clubhouse, that will be much shorter very soon, and it will tidy up a large part of the"unfinished area that is fenced off and this will "tie in" nicely with the work about to commence on the commercial area and sports facilities.

Phase 4 at Roda has been quite an emotive subject, well even more good news is that work is about to commence as early as next week, the construction company is moving on site to commence work on phase 4 A right now, the apartments will join up with phase 3 all the way down to the 2nd entrance, these apartments are scheduled for completion in the first part of 2010, we recognise that this is later than initially estimated but these things happen, no point looking back, phase 4 is well and truly on the way.

Of the phase 4 front line golf villa's, they are all but completed and they look wonderful, great views and with the additional benefit of having solar panels for the water, so great for keeping costs down and excellent for the environment. We made the villas the subject of this months full gallery! Our photographer took pictures right the way along the front and then back along the rear of the properties, which were absolutely beautiful, especially the ones with gardens already bedding in. You can see all this in the pictures below and on Flickr. You can see over the road where construction on the apartments is about to start. We are going back with our photographer very shortly to take pictures of the apartment construction, and we will be following this, on your behalf, very closely.

Phase 4, with the new style of apartments (the "Brisa" and "Cantil") looks like being very exclusive, the lowest density of properties on the Roda Golf resort and with the duplex "Brisa Style" apartments we feel there is going to be a high demand for properties in this area.

Roda Golf still have some beautiful properties available on phase 4 (not too many) and our sponsors Calida International Properties will be very happy to help anybody wishing to enquire about purchasing property on phase 4, they have also asked us to mention that they have some of the best resale properties currently available on the Roda Golf resort with some amazing offers. It's thanks to their generosity that we can follow developments for you so closely, we encourage our readers to check their Roda resales with this link: Roda Golf resale properties.

Finally the hotel - this has been reported by Calidona that the hotel will not be started until the end of 2009 at the earliest. Let's be realistic, this is not the time to spend millions of euros on a project this size when the world economies are in such a turmoil. The exchange rate is terrible which will inevitably affect tourism, so we agree it is the right decision to hold off for the time being, at least until the global financial situation improves, as soon as we hear any different we will report as always, please remember a very wise person once said "this too shall pass" things will get better!

Well we hope you like these latest photos and this first update of 2009, once again we would like to wish everybody a very happy New Year and a very, very healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2009, please feel free to leave your comments on this or any other article on this web site, only positive comments please, go to everybody's favourite "moan" site to leave the negative stuff, please remember we are here to help you and provide as much information as possible.

Please also see the information web site on Corvera Golf and Country Club, the sister resort for Roda Golf, go to for all the latest news!