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Xmas and New Year menus and entertainment!

Hot of the press! The Roda Golf and Beach Resort Xmas Season menus! We're going to be in the Clubhouse over Xmas, and you might be too when you see these great menus! We have three sheets for download showing the planned menus and events (and prices!) for Xmas eve, News Years eve, and New Years day in the Higuera Restaurant in the Roda Clubhouse" Click here to see the menus, and optionally leave a comment! Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Hi everyone. We had a busy week in Roda golf and Beach Resort. Our photographer came over and did an in-depth shoot over at phase three which will be with you very shortly, as soon as we finish writing the accompanying article, but we wanted to get these menus to you all as soon as possible! We know a lot of people are interested to hear what is planned at the Clubhouse for the festive season, so here you are!

Please click on each menu to see a "full size" version. Or download all xmas season menus in one zip file (550kb)

Looking good for Xmas and New Year at Roda Golf!

Xmas day lunch
Xmas day lunch

New Years Eve dinner
New Years Eve dinner

New Years day lunch
New Years day lunch

Eating in and around Roda Golf. Some local restaurants.

We're always keen to try something "different" and today we'd like to share a couple of restaurant recommendations with you. Do you agree with us? Have you got any favourites of your own? Click here to see where we like to eat and optionally leave a comment!
Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Welcome to our latest feature, a restaurant guide of all our favourite restaurants in Los Alcazares, near to Roda Golf and Beach Resort. You may have a few of your own not mentioned here, if you would like us to add any, please just let us know. We'd like to stress that we are not affiliated with any of these restaurants! We just like to eat in them :)

We are going to start off with the Wok Buffet, which is just outside Roda Golf, opposite the tourist information centre on the main road in to Roda Golf. The Wok Buffet is a great "value for money" restaurant and is ideal for large families, at just 8.95 euros to eat all you like, it is quite a reasonably priced night out - please remember drinks cost extra.

The restaurant is very clean and spacious and the food is superb, with a huge choice of starters and then 9 different flavours of sauce for your main course, which they cook in front of you. There really is something here for everybody, with meat, fish, seafood, salads and a wide choice of fruit and vegetables, also a great selection of desserts, you will not be disappointed.

La Diva in the 525 hotel plaza, (525 hotel) near to Los Alcazares is a great restaurant with a comprehensive menu and a fantastic selection of fine wines. The food here is superb and there is a great atmosphere, ideal for romantic nights for the couples, and perfect for those special celebrations Full a-la-carte menu available.

For a traditional Spanish evening, and great steaks and meat options, El Patio 2 is the place to be. It's opposite the Mercadona near the 525 hotel plaza, just about a 20 minute walk from Roda Golf. This wonderful restaurant has about the biggest in-door barbecue we have ever seen! The service is great and the food, whilst very simple, is of a very high standard and great quality. You must try the ox steak cooked on a hot stone at your table!

Roblemar (link) is a great fish and seafood restaurant located near "the arches" close to the motorway junction. You can select your fresh fish from a huge selection on the display table, and the tapas here are superb. Roblemar is very popular with the local Spanish people because the food is so good, particularly the seafood. The restaurant can get very busy, particularly in summer, it is advisable to book in advance, very little English is spoken here, so get practising your Spanish folks!

For the good old traditional English breakfast, we are happy recommend 3 restaurants in the 525 hotel plaza, "Henry's bar" has just started cooking in the mornings and the breakfast and snacks are great. "Penny Farthing" has a great menu for breakfast and lunch, and the food is of a very high quality. Finally "The Pastie Shack" provides great food and good service, great "take out" food from the Pastie Shack, the pasties, pies and sausage rolls are lovely, with some great traditional fillings.

There is a new restaurant, located near the Penny Farthing, and is owned by the same people who own Penny Farthing. Rosalinds is a very nice restaurant with a great menu, the food is very good, if a little elaborate. This restaurant is a little expensive but is in a stunning location, particularly if you can get a table on the terrace over looking the plaza. Great service with very friendly staff, definitely worth a visit.

Of course we must not forget the new Clubhouse at Roda Golf. This really is a fantastic place to eat, there is a very comprehensive menu. The service, for the most part, is very good and the location on the terrace with views over the golf course and the floodlit driving range is superb. Great food, very friendly staff, and great location, what more could you ask for?

If you are spending the day at the beach, there are a number of small bars and restaurants located right on the beach which offer excellent lunch time menus and snacks including great selections of tapas. The food and the drinks are very cheap at these places, but the quality of the food is generally very good.

Opposite the Roblemar restaurant, there is a fantastic pizza restaurant, La Sombra (the shade) this place has an enormous selection of pizza's and one of our particular favourites is the kebab pizza, sounds awful I know, but it really is an awesome pizza. There are about 25 different choices of pizza all freshly cooked and it makes this place well worth a visit. It is also very reasonably priced.

There are lots of other great eating establishments in the area, too many to mention, but we hope you enjoy trying out the ones listed here, please remember a 10% minimum gratuity will be expected, 15% if the service was very good.

Have a great holiday at the Roda Golf and Beach Resort in Murcia on the Costa Calida.