FULL REPORT & gallery from our latest visit on 23rd May ‘08!

Here we go again! Sorry we are a little late with the update this month, but the good news is we have more photos than ever of Roda Golf and Beach Resort for you to enjoy. We have EIGHTY high resolution, stunning pictures, showing all the phases, and all the latest developments at Roda Golf.

We start the tour in Phase 1, where our photographer couldn't help but focus on the flourishing plants and flowers. Phase one really is "coming alive"! It was a stunning day at the end of May, and with the scent of rosemary in the air and the sun above, it really is an idyllic setting. The water features are blending in nicely now, and help give Phase 1 a totally different atmosphere from the other phases. Phase one is a little more "crowded" than the others perhaps, but it also has a really pleasant atmosphere. We're sure it will prove shady and cool during the hot Summer months. On exiting the housing area we crossed over the road a took few pictures of the commercial area construction site. Trucks were driving in and out. It looks like all the foundations are dug. We are anxious to see them start to build. The De Vere hotel and accompanying buildings are sure to enhance the whole site.

Moving on to Phase 2 we noticed quite a few people around the place. Again, you can't help but feel that the whole of Roda Golf is "coming to life". People were in the pools, and sunbathing. Some were resting on their terraces, or enjoying an early beer. The course itself was full, but today we were concentrating our photography inside the housing areas.

We came around the upper edge of the development and into Phase 4, an area we know that a lot of our readers take a keen interest. Work was going on and we could see significant changes since our last visit. One photo was from almost the exact same angle as a shot we took three months ago. Our photographer is preparing an "overlay" which we'd like to feature in a few days, showing EXACTLY what has changed on the villas of phase 4! We took multiple pictures of all the building work. And don't forget these pictures are available on our Flickr page as VERY HIGH resolution shots. When viewed at "actual size" one can zoom right into the individual villas. Can you see yours?

We continued round to Phase 3, where the "B" properties were also being completed. Work was going on as we watched.
We also noted many more cars than we've noticed before. Another sign that people are "moving in" in greater and greater numbers.

After all that work we had earned a spot of lunch down at the beach, and we include some photos! It was a superb day, and the beach was full. Beautiful May weather!

We hope you enjoyed the tour, and are taking heart from the construction photos that prove that Roda Golf and Beach Resort is getting there! It's along haul, but it is going to be worth it :)


Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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