A quick update! Phase 4 is flying along!

Just a quick post today, but we really didn't want you to miss this exciting news! Simply great news regarding phase 4 at Roda Golf. The building work is progressing at such a rate, we couldn't resist taking some pictures to show you. We will still provide some more pictures and another update later in April.

Most of the blocks are now painted. We can barely keep up! Loads has been done since we took these latest photos the other week. The whole area is a hive of activity. Builders are everywhere... and the sound of diggers, trucks and cranes!

The properties are now having the windows installed and glazing will commence imminently, phase 4 is starting to look fantastic!

There has been earth delivered for the gardens, so there really is a huge amount of work on every part of these properties, it will be any day now when the kitchens and bathrooms are delivered and installed and we will bring you the photos as soon as possible, just anxious now to get inside and take some photos of the views from inside the properties and from the terraces and solarium's, should be great.

Most of the external plastering has now been completed, so we should see the area being tidied up quite a lot from now on, we still anticipate owners should be preparing to complete from the start of June.

I hope you enjoy the latest batch of photos. Rest assured there will be a much more comprehensive update next time.

Phase B Speculation

There has been some speculation regarding phase 4B. We can report accurately that there has been no work started on phase 4B, and there are no plans in the immediate future to start this phase. We will report it here as soon as we get news. The only work currently under construction is on phase 4A.

Should you new owners on phase 4A at Roda Golf require any help regarding mortgages, furniture Requirements, ongoing Property Management and Rentals - or you have any other requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

That's all for now. Feel lucky if you are a Phase 4 owner...and we'll be back very soon with much more!

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