Great news for P4 owners & spiral staircase replacements

Well everybody, it has only been a few days since our last update, however I have some excellent news so I could not wait a month to share it with you, so here it is.

Regarding the work on the Phase 4 "Brisa" style apartments, the are dozens of workers on site and all cranes are now fully operational! At last it looks like these apartments will be finished pretty quickly! We will obviously be keeping an eye on things for you and reporting all progress, however it is all systems go and at last Phase 4A is a hive of activity.

I know you have all been waiting a long time, but it is now time to start to plan the completion process - I bet you thought this day might never come! You need to start to plan for your NIE numbers, your mortgage requirements and get your lawyers fully up to speed with your proposed completion dates, which look like being early Summer.

We are currently helping many people with their mortgage applications, so if you would like any help please contact us. We deal with every major bank in Spain, and we also have all the details of the builders mortgage. We have our own in-house mortgage specialist so we will definitely be able to find the mortgage product to best suit your needs.

Please remember as the largest Property Management company on Roda Golf, we will be very happy to help with all furniture requirements and indeed all management and rentals needs, please call Stuart direct on (0034) 680 842 895 any time. We are here to help and are able to offer comprehensive advice regarding all aspects of your proposed completion on Phase 4 at Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

Spiral staircases on Phases 1 and 2

We are being contacted regularly about the spiral staircase leading to the penthouse solarium's on phase 1 and 2 with owners asking "are there any options to improve or change them"? They have always been a bit of a nuisance, particularly for older people, or for people with any kind of disability or handicap, well at last there is an alternative. It looks fantastic and more importantly it improves access to the solarium tremendously.

It has long been a desire for the spiral staircase to be changed over for a more suitable form of access that enables family members of all sizes and ages to safely use the extensive solarium areas, whilst retaining the colours and design of the existing architecture.

Thankfully, it was recently decided by the community of phase one in Roda Golf to allow the necessary changes to take place. The first two property owners who wanted to take full advantage of the staircase replacement have now had this completed and they are absolutely thrilled with the results, so much so there have already been many requests for surveys and quotations for similar on other owners penthouse apartments.

Not only will this improve accessibility, but it will also increase the value of your penthouse apartment, so it's an excellent investment as well.

Local building firm "Baxters Spain" run by Paul and Andy Baxter have already proved themselves to be an excellent choice for carrying out this improvement, and indeed upgrade, with all work being completed professionally and within the time scales set out initially during the initial survey.

The new stairway comes with a special powder-coat finish means that it is virtually maintenance free, with just the occasional "polish" necessary to keep the sparkle looking nice.

With safety being a major concern, non-slip tiles (colour matched to the existing tiles) were fitted to the stairs, always ensuring a firm footing, despite the weather. A further safety point is that the hand rails on the stairs and the platform are to regulation height, giving added security and peace of mind. Wherever possible the handrails have also been bolted to the walls, ensuring that the staircase is perfectly ridged and has no-movement what-so-ever, in complete contrast to the original wobbly spiral stairway!

The very first owners to have this improvement are absolutely thrilled and have provided excellent testimonials stating how pleased they are with the results.

In short, the new staircase vastly improves your property and makes it:

  • Much safer to use.
  • Possible to have easy access to the extensive solarium.
  • Quieter to walk upon, no more noisy metal stair treads!
  • More rentable.
  • More saleable.
  • Have a significant increase in value.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding the possibilities of swapping your spiral staircase and improving your already stunning penthouse apartment, please feel free to contact us here directly on (0034) 680 842 895 (email) and we will arrange for the builder to come and provide a free "on site" survey with no obligation.

We have done extensive research on the possibility of the replacement staircase option. It is necessary to have a site visit (no obligation) and measure the lower terrace as they are all different and require "bespoke" stairs to be made for each property. It is NOT possible for a one-design-fits all scenario.

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Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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