April 2010 update - Phase 4 nearing completion!

Firstly we'd like to offer sincerest sympathies for everybody caught up in the "no flights" problem! We have loads of clients and friends stuck here in Spain - no better place to be stuck to be truthful - but we know folks have to get back to their work, families and pets, so hopefully things will return to normal as quickly as possible.

We also have lots of clients and guests waiting to come over, so business affected for us as well, so we're really hoping for a quick return to normal. The funny thing is that Iceland's airport is relatively unaffected... go figure!

On to Phase 4! All about phase 4 at present as the progress is truly fantastic, we have a few pictures to go with this update as usual, however I have been lucky enough to enter a few of the properties on the new phase 4 "Brisa" style apartments and the only thing I can say is WOW!

I took some Roda Golf phase 3 villa owners, Den and Alison Maycock from London with me for a second opinion, and they were as enthusiastic as me. They agreed that these properties and this area was fantastic. They also commented on the quality of build which they said was surprising as the progress has been so very quick.

All the properties are very bright and airy, there is far more room as the floor space is larger, particularly as these "Brisa" style properties all have good size utility rooms with them. There seems to be much more light as there are more windows. It's really nice to have access onto the main terrace from the bedroom, as well as the lounge.

There are far fewer properties - and therefore people - on phase 4, making it a very exclusive phase on Roda Golf. The ground floor apartments are elevated and looking over the swimming pool, which incidentally have separate kiddies pools. Absolutely stunning.

The penthouse properties are superb with stunning views, and 90% of them are facing South guaranteeing all day sunshine. The real feature of these new style "Duplex" penthouse apartments (only available on this phase of Roda Golf) is the internal marble staircase up to the master bedroom and rooftop solarium. The solarium is all ready for a hot tub Jacuzzi and all the properties have sea and golf course views.

The communal areas are very "open" with considerably more paving around the communal swimming pools on this phase. All of the properties on phase 4 are just "second line" to the golf course.

The cranes have now been removed, as well as the large cement hoppers, so we really are in the final phase of construction. I am confident that all owners who have purchased on this phase will not be disappointed - your property is almost ready! It has been a long haul, but the whole area looks fantastic and some new owners should start to complete the purchase from sometime in May.

Very important for people to consider - IVA (VAT) goes up from July 1st 2010. There is an extra 1% to pay on all purchases and an extra 2% to pay on all services, so from 7% to 8% and from 16% to 18%, please consider this when planning to complete your purchase soon.

As always we are available for any help with Mortgages, Furniture Packs, Property Management and Rentals, as well as any other enquiries you may have.

Download the Roda Golf and Beach Resort services brochure

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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