Something to do when you're not playing golf.

When you are Roda Golf Resort and not playing golf, cooling off in the pool, sunbathing, preparing your wonderful Spanish lunch or having a siesta what can you do? How about a nice easy guided walk along the salt lakes at San Pedro de Pinatar?

San Pedro del Pinatar is the home of the Las Salinas natural park, an area of salt flats which is home to a wide variety of birds, plants, and wildlife. This is a free guided route that follows the path of the Tarays, which runs parallel to the perimeter drainage channel protecting the Salinas and contains less salt water, the plains themselves, offering a different type of wildfowl to the often seen in the main Salinas.

The route also reaches the El Mojon beach along the Mediterranean coast.

The route will take about 3 hours and covers roughly around 4.3km. Suitable footwear is essential, use of hats, sunglasses, sun cream, and mosquito repellent is strongly advised. Participants should also carry water and a snack and binoculars should they wish to better observe the birdlife.
For more information contact the Salinas visitor’s centre or the Tourist Office.
Centro de Visitanes ” Las Salinas” – 968 178 139/649 227 395

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