July update! Spain back in business!

Things are really busy at Roda Golf, with summer now in full swing.

Rentals have definitely increased on the previous three years, and property sales and purchases are now as busy as any time in the previous seven years, so things in Spain, particularly at Roda Golf, are definitely heading back to normal... it is fair to say that Spain is once again “open for business”!

We are looking for more properties for sale, as inventory for the really nice properties is running low, so if you have a property to sell on Roda Golf, please contact us as soon as possible for an informal chat about the sale of your property, as well as a realistic appraisal of your property’s current value.

We also have some amazing properties for sale so, If you are considering purchasing your new property at Roda Golf in Murcia, please contact us right away, and direct, on 00 34 680 842 895 (or info@calidainternationalproperties.com), we have the largest selection of resale properties and we are the number one agent for Roda Golf, just look at this amazing bargain right here - Property of the month!

we recently helped some clients purchase their first property in Spain and this is what Paul Smith from Australia (now living in London) had to say about his experience earlier in 2014...

“I recently purchased a property on Roda golf on recommendations from a couple of friends who had bought in the area of Murcia southern Spain. I first went to Murcia in January 2014 as a friend of mine (who had been hounding me to go out there and see for myself for probably 2 years) was going out there with the intention of purchasing a second property in the area. I wasn't sure what to expect however I went with an open mind (with a hint of scepticism) however we arrived on a Thursday night and stayed in a lovely hotel in Los Alcazares for our three night stay. I had also arranged to meet some agents (over the internet namely Chersun Properties Paul Cherry and Stuart Thomas of Calida International Properties) and some agents through my friend to view as many properties as possible while I was there to see what the area was like and also what was on offer.

In the 3 days we were there I visited around 30 properties on many different golf resorts as it was a Golf resort that appealed hence was my main requirement based on a community feel as well as first class facilities. I had visited 6 different Golf resorts when on the final day I was introduced to Stuart Thomas from Calida International who showed me around Roda Golf and also Serena Golf (Stuart Thomas was recommended as the Roda Golf expert and the exclusive agent for Serena Golf)

Stuart was very knowledgeable in terms of the area and also about the buying process and the market generally given Stuart has lived in the area for over 10 years. I found Stuart to be a no nonsense type of guy who was there to help and do his best to assist me with my requirements. This was very refreshing as rather than showing me a whole lot of properties that didn't really meet my requirements (in the hope I may find something) he stuck to a handful which suited my requirements thereby not wasting my time or his which given we were in the region for a small amount of time was exactly what I needed. Stuart seemed to be able to assess from a brief chat exactly the type of property I was after in terms of the full wish list. I am a person that knows what he wants and when I see something I like I have always move quickly to clinch the deal. When I returned to the UK my mind was buzzing with positivity of the Region as the infrastructure (Roads / Towns etc.) are “first class” not to mention the general feel and buzz of the place, as my three day visit was way above expectation hence fell in love with the Region probably due to its simplicity, friendly people and first class facilities and abundance of things to do.

I therefore selected a short list of 8 properties from what I had seen (on my 3 day visit) as I was as “keen as mustard” to become involved in the area. Although i had seen some great properties, none of the eight on my short list had the wow factor but they were nevertheless fine properties. I have previously, some years ago almost committed to buying in Vilamoura (Portugal) in 2007 (as I have been playing golf in Vilamoura for over 10 years but prices there were a lot more expensive even though the facilities and what was on offer in the Murcia region are very similar. The entry level in Murcia compared to Vilamoura, Portugal is very different yet the two areas in my view offer pretty much the same type of life with golf in abundance, fantastic shopping, beautiful beaches, fine food, friendly people and the list goes on.....not to mention beautiful cities or small towns with endless character.

I stayed in contact with Stuart Thomas (as I was keen to not miss an opportunity) and I found Stuart to be the most knowledgeable agent who understood my requirements. Within a couple of days of my return Stuart emailed me with another couple of properties (which had yet to be listed) that came on the market so within a week I was on a plane back out there to see what else was on offer. Given I only spent a few hours with Stuart on our final day, my enthusiasm was sky high as I could see there was a lot more to see in the area as my initial 3 day visit wasn't enough.

I met up with Stuart again and he showed me four properties on Roda Golf as this was my target resort given the quality of the build, facilities, the golf course and closeness to the beach ticked pretty much all the boxes.

I viewed a couple of penthouses and also some ground floor apartments however the one that caught my eye was a penthouse on Phase 3 which has stunning views (360 degrees) and a lovely communal pool.

Having viewed other penthouses on Roda this apartment was the stand out by far. I then put an offer in and within an hour the deal had been done. I was one happy man as this apartment is to be our main summer abode for years to come.

I had not previously purchased in Spain however I have bought property in France back in 2006 hence there was trepidation given the buying process in France is very complex and long winded. Stuart offered legal services through a local company, so I took up the offer and to my surprise the whole process was a dream from day one to the day we completed. The buying process in the Murcia region was very simple, uncomplicated and most importantly the contracts were in both Spanish and English. So on my second visit to the Murcia region with 10 days i had purchased a property. It was quick but I had no qualms at all as Stuart had allayed all fear (given I had heard and read of some horror stories) however Roda Golf is a well established resort which is growing in popularity even in the short period that I have been involved. Within two months we had completed and we are now enjoying our new apartment.

I thank Stuart Thomas for his advice and support through the whole process as I never dreamed that buying property could be that simple, I definitely recommend anybody considering purchasing property at Roda Golf, or anywhere in the Murcia region, to contact Stuart Thomas at Calida International Properties in the first instance, you will not be disappointed and he makes everything so easy!

My wife visited with me a couple of days after we completed and she was extremely impressed with the Region and the resort (given we have been going to Portugal for our annual summer holidays for years).

Paul Smith”

Now that is the kind of news we like to report and we do have many more stories like this one, hopefully we can assist you next, please contact us for more information.

Stuart Thomas

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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