The Importance of PROFESSIONAL Property Management

Calida's dedicated property management site
Calida's dedicated property management site

There are a large number of owners at Roda Golf who have purchased their property for investment purposes. Most of you who fall in to this category will require, indeed will rely upon, rental income to cover some, or all, of the costs associated with owning property at the Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

Some of these costs will in most cases involve a hefty mortgage. There will be community fees, and these will vary depending on the type of property. There will be the ongoing service charges like water, gas and electricity. There will be wealth taxes to consider; property management fees, and of course the ongoing cleaning and linen washes to consider. Some of these costs will vary on usage of the property of course, but they will be there none the less.

You can save a few euros now by "cutting corners" and using a local "husband and wife" team, or perhaps a retired something or other, to provide a "key holding" service. You may even decide to build your own website. You will likely still land the "odd" rental, mostly through your friends and family and the occasional work colleague, but you will not achieve the rentals that you want and need. You may save a few euros in the short term, but it really is a short sighted view.

Roda Golf and Beach Resort provide their very own rentals and property management service and for the most part I believe people are very satisfied with the service, they are achieving good rental results, particularly from the golfing fraternity.

For those of you that did not purchase your furniture pack from Roda Golf, this option is not available to you, hopefully this would have been fully explained to you by either your agent, or Roda Golf themselves.

You really should treat your purchase as a serious investment, maybe even a second occupation, and dedicate as much time, money, and effort as is required to guarantee that your investment at Roda Golf and Beach Resort is a good and sound one.

Calida International Properties will provide a complete advisory service to help you promote your property through a wide range of internet advertising, through their own network of websites, and through websites of associates with which they work very closely. They will also help you to advertise your property through your local golf clubs back in the UK or Ireland, as well as provide A5 adverts for your local shops, supermarkets and businesses, for distribution where you feel they will be most effective. Calida International can arrange for a professional designer to photograph and construct websites for your property, just like this client of ours!

Calida International Properties are also working closely with a number of travel agents and sports tour operators in the UK, particularly Go2Sport plc who specialise in luxury golf holidays, including the providing those very elusive and exclusive tickets for the US Masters and the Ryder Cup.

They will help to look after your property for you when you are not here, they will also make sure that your guests enjoy their visit so much that they will want to come back next time, and they will tell all of their friends and colleagues about your property and the fabulous Roda Golf and Beach Resort experience.

To read more about Calida Internationals' Property Management please visit their new, dedicated website here: Calida International Property Management

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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