Pools installed in Birdie Villas

A reader recently asked us : "How much are the pools and hot tubs for the Birdie Villa's? And can I see some photos please?"

Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties had the following to say:

"The cost of the swimming pools are about 20,000 euros if you purchase from Roda, possibly less from another supplier, however you need to get permission from Roda Golf to use another supplier, and this may not be possible. The hot tubs vary in price, depending on size and quality, but start from about 6,000 euros up to 12,000, please remember, the quality varies quite considerably, should you require help with this, please just ask us."

We include a couple of pictures below of two pools we found installed outside villas, they look very comfy! Happy to oblige our readers. By the way, these pictures were taken during our FULL April report visit, so we have loads more pictures coming very soon, especially of the Phase 4 progress.




Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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