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Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties are enthused with the amount of visitors we are getting here on Roda Golf Info, and they have agreed to start writing some articles for us! In this first article Stuart Thomas, managing director of Calida International, discusses his thoughts on the ever present worry - "Buy now or wait?". Stuart provides some illuminating, and honest insights into the current market in general and at Roda. We print his article in full below:

Location, Location! Does it get better than this? - Click to enlarge
Location, Location! Does it get better than this? - Click to enlarge

We have been asked many times over the last few months, "why should we?", or "why would we?" buy property at Roda Golf and Beach Resort - and it is a very good question.
Clearly the world wide "credit crunch" has really started to "spook" not only those people who are considering purchasing, but also those who have already purchased at Roda, combine that with a very strong euro, and you can see why people might consider delaying their purchase of property at Roda Golf and Beach Resort

The truth is there is never a good time to buy... or indeed a bad time to buy! There is only a time when it is right for you as an individual. Let me explain - The property market in Spain has experienced a considerable slow down, that was always going to be inevitable, particularly after ten years of solid growth, the problem is not as bad as the problem currently being experienced in the UK, however there is no doubt, there is a slowing of the market.

In the UK there has been some quite dramatic slowing figures being produced, but not in London, the UK generally has slowed to a standstill, but London property prices continue to perform pretty well. One should understand that Roda Golf and Beach Resort is a lot like London in this respect, you have all heard the expression "location, location, location", well Roda Golf and Beach Resort is currently the very best location in the region, and possibly even the best location in Spain to purchase property.

San Javier / Murcia Airport - Click to enlarge
San Javier / Murcia Airport - Click to enlarge

When you consider the world class Dave Thomas designed golf course, the gated resort just a couple of minutes from the stunning blue flag beaches of the Mar Menor, just 5 minutes from San Javier airport, with the 2 cities of Cartagena and Murcia just a stones throw away, and luxury properties still available for under 240,000 euros, it s easy to see why property sales are still pretty buoyant, not as good as they were 2 years ago, but on a resort with a maximum of 1,800 properties, obviously there was going to be a problem with availability.

There is not the wide choice of properties available any more, nearly all of the really desirable properties have gone, no longer can you just walk in to Roda Golf and pick from a choice of penthouse apartments, now you have to take what is available, this is why, if you are seriously considering buying at Roda Golf, make sure you can afford it, then go and "jump straight in" you will not regret it.

Somebody asked us just today, "what if I wait for the euro to weaken against the pound?" well what if everybody does the same thing?, you will have a mad rush again when the euro weakens and property prices will rise very sharply, what if the euro continues to strengthen? you will kick yourself for having "missed the boat" yet again.

Properties are limited at Roda Golf, particularly the "front line" golf villa's and the penthouse apartments, and the problem is getting worse daily. Unlike other developers and other resorts, Roda Golf are still making steady sales, if you are considering buying at Roda Golf, then it must be because you love the place, you have probably played the golf course and, like me, you have probably put a ball or two in one of the fabulous lakes. You will probably have enjoyed a nice cold beer served by the very friendly staff at the clubhouse, or enjoyed the wide variety of stunning restaurants in the nearby town of Los Alcazares, whatever your reasons for wanting to buy at Roda Golf, our advice is "strike while the iron is hot" - delay at your peril.

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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