Roda Golf Clubhouse is OPEN!

Only Roda Golf Info could bring you a complete gallery of pictures from the Roda Golf Clubhouse on the very day that it opened! We present a gallery of 35 pictures below showing the new clubhouse in all it's glory! To tell the truth we were surprised just how great it has turned out! After the two month delay since the "official" opening party, we were starting to worry, but those worries were ill-founded. The clubhouse is simply superb.

We show below, images from the outside of the clubhouse, including the great site of people relaxing on the terrace enjoying drinks (on this balmy April afternoon :) and we also ventured inside to see the smart tables of the "La Higuera" restaurant bar and terrace. The restaurant really looks stunning in it's earth tones palette. Cool for the summer, and cosy for the winter months. We couldn't help but notice the golf playing on one of the TV monitors in the bar :) The arm chairs and settees look very comfortable. Whilst outside in the sun, drinks can be taken whilst watching golfers practise on the driving range. We tested the beer for you (I know we do too much!) and that is great too :)

Soon we will try to secure some photos from the shops and offices downstairs, but in the mean time we hope you can make it to the superb Roda Golf Clubhouse very soon for a beer! We'll see you there!

Remember all these pictures are available, as always, at our Flickr FULL size! To use the gallery below, simply hover over it to reveal the controls at the top and the bottom of the viewing area :)

Finally, I know you'll forgive us for mentioning our kind sponsors Calida International Properties. It's because of their support that we can bring you these great images showing developments at Roda the very day they happen! Help us to keep you informed... talk to Calida International and find out how they can help you with your professional property management and sales requirements here at beautiful Roda Golf! Thanks.


Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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