FULL REPORT & gallery from our latest visit on 3rd April '08!

Welcome to the full April report with completely new, and completely up to date photos! We concentrated this month on providing views of the properties from the golf course. The very kind people at the De Vere clubhouse loaned us a buggy for a couple of hours, which we used to tour the course, starting up the 10th fairway, moving all the way around the proposed phase 5 area, moving on to phase 4, then down past the 17th green and 18th tee and fairway to have a look at phase 3 and then on to the front 9.

Please be aware that these photos are also available to view on our Flickr page. It really is worth visiting our Flickr page because the images there are available there at absolutely HUGE sizes! (More than 6000 pixels wide!) You can zoom in to find your own house! Just write in if you need help using Flickr. And now onto the gallery. Please just hover over the gallery area to access the controls, and if you click a picture a detailed description will appear! The full report is below the gallery:

Our Roda Golf and Beach Resort full April report

The Roda golf course was looking fantastic as usual, there were lots of players out there, some playing some great golf, others just enjoying the day out. We stopped for a brief chat with a few groups just to get their opinions on the golf course and Roda Golf generally, without exception, everybody thought it looked fantastic and they were enjoying the golf course very much.

There was one particular "4 ball" who were not owners, however they were so impressed that they were looking for property to purchase at the resort, that has to be great news and we expect that will start to happen more and more as each phase comes on-line.

A big thank you to all the golfers who gave us a few moments of their time, much appreciated.

The views of the properties and the completed phases looked great from the golf course side, the front line villas in particular with the swimming pools are very impressive, particularly when you see the owners enjoying their lunch and a glass of wine or two, whilst watching the golfers at the same time, the resort really is starting to "come to life"!

The Roda fairways are in almost perfect condition and the greens are now as fast as we have seen them, not quite Augusta and the Masters standard, but fast none the less, the one thing that separates the golf course at Roda Golf from the other golf courses in the region is the attention to detail and the manicuring around the course, that is down to the world class experience that Mike Maloney from De Vere and his team bring to the project.

There is still no sign of the apartments on phase 4 being started, albeit there is now considerable work on the front line golf villas, phase 3 A is looking fantastic and lots of owners have now completed over there and phase 3 B looks all set to be delivered about August / September time. We know there have been considerable delays, but I think everybody will agree it has been worth it, Calidona really are delivering a world class resort.

We have reported before on the opening on the clubhouse and it would appear that we got our dates for the official opening incorrect, my advice to everybody is get ready to enjoy the sensational facilities at the clubhouse sooner rather than later, for those who have visited the new clubhouse, I think you will al agree it looks incredible, for those of you still to visit and see the facilities, you are in for a real treat.

The fully renovated beach club will be ready with a full service for the Summer, we will have a special report on that in the near future, if there are any questions regarding any of the above, please write in and we will be happy to provide as much information as possible.

We met a lot of people who were renting properties for the first time at the Roda Golf and Beach Resort, this was also very good news for those people looking to rent their properties out and start getting a return on their investment.

Please remember, if you are planning to rent out your property, make sure you have a professional property management company looking after your property and your guests, this is the best way to guarantee that they come back next year, you really do need so much more than just a "key holding" service, our sponsors over at Calida International Properties will be very happy to help and assist in any way they can.

I hope you enjoy our latest set of photos and in a day or two we we publish the virtual reality view from the par 3, 11th green!

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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