Roda Golf Ryder Cup June 7th and 8th!

Roda Golf has staged it's very own Ryder cup over the weekend of June 7th and 8th!

Don't get carried away... whilst it was a European team vs a British team, we did not see Severiano Ballesteros or Jose Maria Olazabal out there! There was however some fantastic golf played and even though the weather wasn't the best, it was a tremendous spectacle for all who turned out to enjoy the event.

The Roda Golf course came in for yet more plaudits with everybody loving the golf course and the facilities. One of the golf professionals from a nearby course commented that whilst Roda is not the most difficult course in the region (it was never meant to be) it was certainly the nicest looking and the best kept, wow! praise indeed for a golf course less than two years old!

You can view the brand new 360 degree virtual feature at and click on the golf course, English is available at this site, just click on the flag. This is a fantastic feature and well done to Calidona for providing it, if you have not visited the site and seen this feature, you in for a treat.

The clubhouse at Roda Golf and the restaurant was the real winner. The food was fantastic, and even the service was "spot on". There has been some small level of criticism levelled at the staff concerning the service, however some new, and might I say excellent, staff have now joined the team and everything at Roda is now as you would expect from a 5 star resort.

Roda Golf are now offering night time practice facilities with the driving range now being floodlit, the range is open until 11.00pm. I bet the wives (or golfing widows) will be delighted to hear of this!

The mood and general atmosphere over the weekend at Roda Golf was awesome, residents and visitors alike all mingled together with the golfers and everybody had a great time.
With plenty more facilities still to come and lots more competitions due this year, the future promises to be very exciting at Roda Golf and Beach Resort.

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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