The incredible technology available in the PGA Academy!

In this article we take an in-depth look at the incredible technology available right now in the PGA Academy at Roda Golf and Beach Resort. It's amazing to think that you can take advantage of this state-of-the-art technology literally "right on your doorstep"! The computer training system centres around the "GASP" lab system of video analysis, which also incorporates the "K-Vest" biofeedback system, the "Force Plate" system for analysing player balance, the "Launch manager". It also integrates with the incredible "Trackman" 3D measurement software. The academy also has the incredible "SAM Putt Lab" system. We'll look at each of these systems in turn:

The GASP system

The incredible GASP software
The incredible GASP software

The GASP system is the hub of the suite of analysis programs available at the Roda PGA Academy. Regular viewers of Golf Night on Sky Sports will have seen Golf Coaches such as Denis Pugh put many of the best players under scrutiny using the GASP system!

GASP is arguably the best video analysis software package on the market and for many it is the benchmark for advanced video analysis. At the new Roda Golf PGA Academy, it can also be integrated with the Force Plate, the K-Vest and TrackMan to give players and the PGA Professionals a complete "teaching system".

The GASP Golf Swing Analysis Software provides all the features you would expect to find in a Swing Analysis product. The installed system at Roda Golf PGA Academy uses three cameras simultaneously, to capture the data needed to fully analyse your swing!

Golf lessons are captured, replayed and examined. A copy of the analysis can also be made on a CD which will enable the player to recall the key points made during their session. The software can even compare your technique leading Tour Professionals!

The K-Vest system

The K-Vest in action
The K-Vest in action

The state-of-the-art K-Vest, available right now in the Roda PGA academy, is a 3D wireless biofeedback system. It is a completely mobile, easy to use, interactive system that combines video analysis, 3D analysis, and real-time feedback to make communication easier between instructor and student. The K-Vest allows the user to view video, 3D animation, and key swing data.

This interactive approach to golf instruction makes understanding the swing as easy as obeying traffic lights! The K-Vest plays a soft piece of music when you are in the correct position and stops if you stray too far. The video display also shows "Green" when you are correct and "Red" when your not .. a very easy and simple way to learn! The following data can be collected at any position of the golf swing:

  • Alignment - by measuring and displaying static and dynamic alignments (number of degrees open/closed) of the hips, shoulders, and arms in relation to a virtual target line set by your instructor.
  • Posture - Measures and displays static and dynamic postural alignments, including flexion/extension of the hips and right and left lateral bending of the spine.
  • Hip Rotation - Measures and displays hip rotation in the backswing/downswing.
  • Shoulder Rotation - Measures and displays shoulder rotation in the backswing/downswing.
  • Arm Rotation - Measures and displays the amount of arm rotation in the backswing/downswing.
  • Kinetic Link - Measures and displays velocities of the hips, shoulders, and arms during the backswing/downswing.
  • Timing - Measures and displays timing and sequence relation of the hips, shoulders, and arms during the backswing and downswing.
The Force-Plate system

The Force Plate system hardware
The Force Plate system hardware

This is an incredibly simple yet effective way of analysing how well a player can shift their weight and maintain the correct balance throughout their swing.

Players may have benefited from seeing themselves on video, but very few golfers will have graphically seen the effects of the "Centre of Gravity" on their own golf swing. Now they can with the Stance Analysis Force Plate - SAM Balance Lab at the Roda PGA Golf Academy.

The Force Plate is an electro-mechanical data acquisition system located under the practice mat. The force plate connects to the academy's large LCD screen and a computer constantly monitors the weight in all 4 quadrants. These quadrants are the Heel and Toe of each foot. The plate has 2500 sensors which can analyse the weight distribution and display the results graphically in real time as the player moves. Data is displayed as an animated graphic, with individual data points indicating, Position and Acceleration throughout the swing. This animation is instantly recorded and can be replayed several times over.

By watching the large screen, players will instantly visualise where their weight should be centred at address and will immediately start to feel what should be the correct weight shift and balance throughout the swing.

The Force Plate is one of the best training devices available to the Roda PGA Academy staff as it compliments and reinforces some of the areas identified for improvement by your PGA Professional. The system has taken bio-mechanical weight transfer analysis to the next level by giving the golf instructor and player the ability to:

  • See precise weight distribution for right and left foot.
  • See precise weight distribution for heel and toe.
  • See instant feedback in a simple and informative way.
  • Watch live data in both 3 Dimensional and 2 Dimensional views.
  • It calculates the Center-of-Gravity and shows data in real time.
  • Players can see and review a video recording of the swing displayed simultaneously along side the weight transfer data.
  • Replay mode gives players and instructors the ability to view data in slow motion or in single step mode.

The Roda PGA Professionals can also use audio and visual feedback to explain complex movements to their players with ease. It provides simple visual feedback so that weight distribution can be presented graphically in real time as you complete the swing. Imagine fixing that reverse pivot by simply improving your balance and weight transfer.

Each analysis can be related to a fade, straight, or draw. This tool allows players to practice a movement through visual or auditory feedback, making it an invaluable training device.

The Trackman System

The Trackman system in action!
The Trackman system in action!

TrackMan has set a new standard for golf ball and golf club measurement. Based on Doppler radar technology, it measures the exact 3-dimensional club movement and ball flight, and provides precise data on the ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. It also measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards!

In addition, TrackMan measures actual spin rate of the ball without marking it - with state-of-the-art accuracy. After analysis the system displays the actual 3D trajectory in real time!

TrackMan is used for R&D and testing by all major golf equipment manufacturers in the US and in Japan, who also use the system for clubfitting their staff players.
Ita islso used by the USGA and the R&A for golf equipment evaluation and testing!

Many of the world’s top tour professionals use TrackMan for practising and optimizing their equipment. Further, it is used to measure tee shots from participants during the world’s greatest professional tournaments, including PGA TOUR events. Now you can use it! Right here at Roda Golf PGA Academy"

The Launch Monitor System

The Launch Manager
The Launch Manager

This system is capable of measuring your swing and has the following capabilities:

  • Compare equipment performance with actual ball performance data
  • Compare swing, grip and stance changes with actual ball performance data
  • Annotate on-screen
  • Score progress with the Vector Pro Skills Scoring
  • Display performance trends
  • Issue lesson and equipment reports
  • Practice with the Vector Pro Practice Range
  • Review swing mechanics
  • Store and compare actual ball performance data with selected swings and equipment
The Sam Puttlab

The Launch Manager
The Launch Manager

Download the very interesting brochure for this product here!

This truly is an incredible system. A Revolution in the Analysis of the Short Game Motion. Researchers and Golf Professionals joined forces to develop the first computer aided analysis of the short game. SAM PuttLab is a unique high-tech system that measures and analyses all movement details of putting and chipping. In practice mode, the short game can be improved to spectacular levels. Whether you're trying to lower your score or get ready for the course, SAM PuttLab will improve your play significantly! There are three product editions available for the SAM PuttLab. SAM is out on its own in terms of analysis. Why? It’s quite simple. It’s all to do with frames per second. SAM uses 150 frames per second and nothing comes close. Its nearest competitor uses only 30 frames per second. What does that mean? It means that impact can vary if you are not using 150 frames per second & therefore is very inaccurate.

Remember...we are here to help! Feel free to ask any questions you like below, or contact us directly!

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