Phase 4 delays - Advice from the experts


We are often asked - "Why is PHase 4 delayed so much, so we asked our experts at Calida International Properties, and they kindly provided the answer! It's simple, but it's the truth! Click here to read the article and see the answer! (and one, brand new, picture from our next full inspection gallery!) Read this article, and optionally leave a comment

Another interesting comment from our sponsors at Calida International Properties, this time they are addressing the delays at Phase 4 which are concerning many of our readers:

We are constantly being asked "what are the reasons for the delays on phase 4 at Roda Golf?"

Phase 4 - April 2008 - Click to enlarge
Phase 4 - April 2008 - Click to enlarge

It is so very frustrating, particularly for those owners on Roda Golf Phase 4, but of course it does affect everybody, including the developer, nobody wants to "crack on" more than the developers themselves! Luckily the answer is extremely simple.

I appreciate you all think that this is just an excuse, however the truth of the matter is that town hall bureaucracy is responsible. For those of you who live in Spain or have purchased in Spain before, you will know all about this subject. It is so painfully slow waiting for the local council or town hall officials to take responsibility and simply issue the licences. That is the problem in a "nutshell" - nothing more sinister than that, so for all you conspiracy theorists out there, please relax (easier said than done) there are some great updated pictures of phase 4 coming in our imminent "April - Full Report" article. These new, and very detailed photos taken from the course, show that there has been progress, but we appreciate not enough, so please watch this space, as soon as we have news we will advise you.